That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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This month, as many of you know, the El Niño weather phenomenon began. It was disastrous for the whole coast of our country and, our state of Piura was the hardest hit. In spite of this we continue to trust the Lord. We have been impacted in an indirect way by all that has happened.... Keep Reading

After studying in a seminary in Sullana, Peru, Wilmer moved with his family to Pampa Flores, where he is now serving as pastor. In this report he shares some of the ways the northern part of Peru is being affected by the rains, including the challenges he and his family continue to face. Pray for Wilmer and his family, that the Lord would protect them through this difficult season, and that the grace of Christ would be evident in and through them as they continue to cast their hope on Him.... Keep Reading

Since 2013, HeartCry has been associated with David Barnes in the training of indigenous pastors through the Centros Teológicos Bautistas de Perú (Baptist Theological Centers of Peru), of which he is the director. In this recent report, David shares about the ways that CTB continues to expand as the Lord is opening new opportunities in Peru. Please pray that the ministry of CTB Seminary would both aid pastors to grow in the depth of biblical knowledge, as well as promote awe and worship in their hearts as they behold more of the glory of God.... Keep Reading

We are thankful for the way the Lord is growing the church in Chipillico. As a church we have been learning how to understand the Bible. One of our goals is for everyone to read the Bible from beginning to end. Most of the church members have now made it through Exodus. I rejoice when I see the brothers and sisters sharing with one another after our services about the things that have been a blessing to them in their reading.... Keep Reading

This month I have been visiting people who, in one way or another, have shown an interest in the gospel. God has led me to these people in need and, in this way, he has answered one of my most fervent prayers. For the love of his name, I have presented the gospel to each one of them.... Keep Reading

Carlos is the pastor of the Baptist Church “Christ is the Only Hope,” in one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Sullana. In this excerpt from his recent report, he shares about opportunities he has had to preach to preach the gospel to visiting families and also about some of the fruit the church is seeing through meetings in church members' homes.... Keep Reading

Shortly after his conversion Eduardo became burdened for the further development and preparation of men serving in the ministry in Peru. After working full time with the Centros Teológicos Bautistas de Perú (Baptist Theological Centers of Peru) headed by David Barnes, he is now planting a church in Huaycan, Peru, just outside of the city of Lima. In addition to ministry in his own church, he is also helping some of the pastors in the surrounding area.... Keep Reading

Ivan graduated from a Bible academy in the Dominican Republic and is now serving as the pastor of the church Jesus is the Only Hope in Sullana, Peru. ... Keep Reading

An affliction that we suffered as a church this month was the death of one of our beloved brothers, Pablito. For several years he had been struggling with brain cancer. The news of his death was very sad for all of us, since Pablito was especially loved at our church (Familia de la Gracia). He was, perhaps, the happiest man that I have ever known, even in the midst of fighting a terrible cancer. He always had words of praise for the Lord and words of love for those around him.... Keep Reading

Jose Luis is the co-pastor of “Jesus es la Puerta” (Jesus is the Door) Baptist Church in Mallaritos, just outside of Sullana. He also helps teach and lead different sections of the theological education by extension in several different locations.... Keep Reading

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