That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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We are encouraged to see God’s grace in the life of a young lady names Liz, the secretary of the school affiliated with our church. She always heard the preaching of the gospel by the pastors of our church, but she would not attend the services.... Keep Reading

Last year, there was severe flooding in the northern mountains of Peru. The houses surrounding Wilmer Navvaro were destroyed by the rising river, and Wilmer's home was condemned. His family was forced to build a new home a couple hundred yards further up the hill. Thorugh your the support of those who give to HeartCry, we were able to help in a small way by providing the needed funds to build a bathroom for Wilmer and his family. Thank you for your support.     Delete Wilmer Nava... Keep Reading

The rains have slowed down now that we are near the end of the rainy season. It was a very intense rainy season this year. Thankfully, the brothers from the church are able to start working in the fields again, which means that soon there will be more food for everyone. The economic situation in our country is very difficult, and in the jungle it’s especially bad.... Keep Reading

Charles Simeon Trust - Lima, Peru

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Yesterday began a three-day seminar on expository preaching led by the Charles Simeon Trust. All of the HeartCry missionaries are participating in the seminar, along with many of the students of CTB Seminary in Lima and other local pastors. The seminar will involve several hours of instruction on preaching as well as very practical workshops in small groups as they work through biblical passages. All 70 participants have prepared exegetical studies of two different Psalms, and over the course of... Keep Reading

Caribbean Literature Project

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DSC_0051_6.JPG   Over the past few years, HeartCry has had to opportunity to support an ongoing literature distribution project in an undisclosed caribbean nation. The project has included the printing and distribution of books, sermons, and articles to thousands of Christians across the island. Below is a ... Keep Reading

I rejoice that through the process of church discipline, the Lord is bringing back and restoring certain brothers and sisters in fellowship with Himself and the church. God is the one that does this work and perfects it until the day that Christ returns. There are also brothers and sisters that are showing faithfulness in attending after having neglected attendance for a time.... Keep Reading

Manuel is a young man from outside of Argentina who has a religious background. He came to Rosario for school. Nearly within a month of being with us, Manuel began to show serious uneasiness with respect to his salvation. In his own words: “Christ is everything for you all, but He is not everything for me.” But one Sunday, something happened. He was impacted in the first part fo our service as he listened to the prayers of other brothers and sisters that were hungry for more of Christ.... Keep Reading

Analia, like many of the people in our church, comes from an evangelical background. She had left and come back to a religious life many times. Sometimes, she had even reached the point of asking Christ to just depart from her altogether. When she came to our church, she had some understanding of the true gospel. ... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Brad White - Lima, Peru

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A video summary about the recent work in Lima, Peru.... Keep Reading

Recently we had an open air evangelistic service in Paita. As the service was getting going, and as I was praying that God would give me strength to preach, a man came to me saying, “Pastor, please, come to my house! My daughter [who is a local politician] is in very bad health.... Keep Reading

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