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From July 14 to July 24, all of the HeartCry missionaries from Peru and Argentina met together in Lima for two weeks of training and fellowship. The first week was spent in a classroom setting, as the men were instructed by Walter Isse through the first eight chapters of Romans. Throughout the morning and into the afternoon the men attended the intensive course, and they spent the evening in study and fellowship.... Keep Reading

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Nicolás informs us about the fruit that has come from his experience at the HeartCry conference in Lima, Peru, and also shares a strengthening testimony of the Lord's work in one believer's life at Family of Grace Church in Rosario. Again, he asks us to be joining him in pleading with the Lord to raise up men who are apt for the work of the ministry, that the proclamation of the Gospel might resound throughout Argentina and that many might bow the knee to Christ.... Keep Reading

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Urbano Gomez shares about his desire to take the Gospel to the unreached towns in the region of Pacaipampa in the northern mountains of Peru. We have an opportunity to join with our brothers and sisters in Pacaipampa in their efforts to reach the lost, by asking the Lord to open the door wide for the Gospel to go forth and to make hearts receptive of His Word. ... Keep Reading

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The Loss of a Servant: Gilberto Nole's Passing

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Gilberto Nole.Outside Church Building.jpg After more than forty years of tireless service as a pastor and church planter, husband and father, in northern Peru, Gilberto Nole has passed away. The impact he left on that region by God's grace will continue to echo on, with more than forty churches in the surrounding region owing th... Keep Reading

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Lima Bible Conference Update

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The Bible Conference for HeartCry missionaries, along with other pastors and missionaries from Peru, is underway in Lima. Since Sugel Michelen was not able to come because of Visa problems when he arrived at the airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, yesterday several of the HeartCry missionaries taught in his place on expository preaching and the discipline of the pastor. Today and tomorrow we will attempt to have Sugel Michelen present through a live stream video for several teachings on the centrality of preaching.... Keep Reading

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David Silva: Lima Bible Academy Update

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This week in Lima the Bible Academy will hold its intensive course on the book of Romans, taught by HeartCry missionary Walter Isse. All the missionaries that HeartCry supports in Peru outside of Lima have traveled to the city for the class. Next week, the academy will hold a conference for all the missionaries in Peru and Argentina on the topic of "The Centrality of Preaching," taught by Sugel Michelen. David Silva gives a brief update and description of the Lima academy. Please join us in praying for this week of courses, as well as next week's conference.... Keep Reading

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Serving in La Victoria, located in eastern Lima, Brother Rogelio has seen the Lord provide several new opportunities for ministries in addition to teaching, preaching, and counseling in the local church. In this report he shares with us about an open door at a rehabilitation center and also some encouraging responses to the efforts in evangelism at a Lima hospital.... Keep Reading

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Upcoming Trip to Peru

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Beginning next Tuesday, July 8, I will be traveling to Peru for three weeks. Throughout the trip, I will be meeting individually with the missionaries and their families, while also attending their church services throughout the week. In addition to much needed fellowship with the men and their families, these visits will also provide an opportunity to get video updates from the field with each of the missionaries, as they share testimonies of the Lord's recent faithfulness in their own lives, t... Keep Reading

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As a church we have once again begun the Biblical Ministry School (BMS). We are beginning the Bible courses by working through the great confessions of faith throughout the history of the Church. Currently there are 15 brothers in the classes as they seek to prepare for the ministry, and our hope is that this school will deepen and strengthen the convictions of future leaders of the local church.... Keep Reading

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I am very happy in the Lord to see that the ministry that He’s given us in Cuzco is continually strengthened. Having grown over the past several months, there are now many more people that have begun attending the church services and they are showing a real interest in the Gospel and a desire to hear the Word of God. There have been Sundays when we have not had room in the small building we were renting. Because of this, we have changed meeting locations to one that is slightly larger, and thankfully everyone is able to fit. We thank God for this.... Keep Reading

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