That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Preaching_Jungle 1A couple weeks ago God gave me the opportunity to travel to the jungle of Uracuza, where our Aguaruna brothers and sisters are. One of the other pastors of the church and four of the members joined me on the trip. Through HeartCry Missionary Society the Lord provided us with Bibles for the churches th... Keep Reading

IMG-20160929-WA0018 One of the greatest privileges the Lord has given us as believers is to share His Word, and to do so especially with people that don’t know the gospel. However, it’s very sad when I find out that congregations that are supposedly Christian do not preach Christ and those who attend do ... Keep Reading

CST_Lima 2019   We’re thankful for the brothers at Charles Simeon Trust (CST) for their ministry this past week to HeartCry missionaries, as well as other pastors and teachers in Peru. Each of the past four years HeartCry and the Centros Teológicos Bautistas Seminary in Lima have hosted a CST preaching... Keep Reading

JuanPabloJuan Pablo is a pastoring a church high in the mountains of Peru, near the city of Huaraz. Below he shares the testimony of God’s grace in the life of a young man named Cesar. Cesar is a young man, 29 years old. His parents were devoted Catholics and worshiped the different idols in the town of Tarica. They alway... Keep Reading

IvanTThe Lord has done His perfect work in my life. My mom always took us to church from the time we were little. I always tried to behave really well in the services and participated in all the different activities like camps, evangelism, Vacation Bible Schools, etc. Often, my siblings and I were the the ones to win awards in the c... Keep Reading

Jorge Marsano_profile I have had many opportunities to share the gospel this month in the mountains outside the city of Oxapampa. Several families invited me into their homes where I was able to speak to them about the Scriptures. Among the different families, four people have turned to Christ and now confess Him to... Keep Reading

ArturoFor years and years we have evangelized this town, but for a long time we didn’t see much fruit. In many ways, our small community is the cradle of idolatry for this area. There are only three streets in the whole town, so when the pagan festivals take place nearly every individual participates.Also, because we are a sm... Keep Reading

Segundo_baptism 1 Praise God for the four new believers that were recently baptized in Shalom Baptist Church in Chiclayo, Peru! Pray for each of them to continue growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, and pray for pastor Segundo as He continues to pastor the church in Chiclayo. Below are brief testimonies... Keep Reading

Peru-195-195Please pray for pastor Hector Malpartida in Lima, Peru. He continues to battle cancer and has been very weak these past weeks. Pray as well for the church he pastors in the district of Ventanilla. Here is a testimony of one of the members of the church Hector pastors: “My name is Elias. I’m original... Keep Reading

Eduardo Aricari - LimaThe providence of our God is so great and His timing is so precise. This month, we have had the privilege of seeing the Lord manifest His wise providence in many ways. For example, one Thursday evening we visited with a family from the church. While we were returning, we walked through a park on ... Keep Reading

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