That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Sharing God's Word in Japan to People in Need

Posted Sep 19, 2014

Praise the name of our Creator for loving us with his life. Let's never keep just as knowledge that our maker, sustainer, and God humbled himself becoming like one of us and entering history to reconcile his enemies with himself. He offered himself as a sacrifice for our guilt and sin (Isaiah 53:10). Let's meditate more and more on the gospel, so we can discover more of the greatness of our God and be motivated to worship him and seek to be like him in holiness, with passion and obedience. Praise the Lord for blessing us with the “Jesus Festival.” This is the second year that we made it and we had the chance to share the gospel with some American, Peruvian, and Japanese guests. It was a blessing to see the church working hard preaching of the gospel. ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Ruben Videira

Ruben Videira.Website ProfileSeminary Teacher - Leon, Spain

In September of 2014, Ruben and his family were sent out by Grace Ministries International to begin training pastors in Ruben's home country through the Berea Bible Seminary in Leon. The seminary focuses on training pastors, elders, and other men in leadership in expository preaching through seminars and conferences. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Ruben and his family with a portion of their monthly support.

Testimony of Conversion

Even though I was brought up in a Chr... Keep Reading

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East and Southern Africa is the least urbanized (31%) region of the world. (World Factbook 2011)

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