That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Eurasia - Meeting Needs and Making Progress

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One of our greatest desires is that God would raise up more laborers to take the Gospel to the unreached and establish healthy churches. This is especially true in Eurasia, where HeartCry currently only supports thirteen missionaries. At the same time, we must not let these desires for more laborers take away from what the Lord is already doing through those whom we are presently supporting. “Great are the works of the LORD; they are studied by all who delight in them. Splendid and maje... Keep Reading

Latin America - Missionary Training Peru

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As a missionary society, our primary goal is not simply sending men into the field, but sending the truth of God through those men. We are convinced that large numbers of missionaries alone are not enough and that the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God will be made through the faithful proclamation of the Gospel by those who are trained and equipped in the true knowledge of our Lord. In keeping with this conviction, the Lord has providentially enabled us to establish a Bible academy for Hea... Keep Reading

Making much of sin

Posted November 25, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

hc61The center of the Gospel is the death of Christ. Christ died for sin. Therefore, there can be no Gospel proclamation apart from a biblical treatment of sin. This includes explaining the heinous nature of it and exposing men as sinners. I am aware that the subject of sin is somewhat out of vogue even in some Evangelical circles; nevertheless, any honest consider... Keep Reading

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A Word to the Young

Posted November 22, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

hc61Remember your creator in the days of your youth - Ecclesiastes 12:1 Time does not seem like such a precious commodity when you think you have a great deal of it. What you do with your time is not a great concern when you forget that it belongs to Another and that He will hold you accountable for every second that He has entrusted to you. Poor stewardship o... Keep Reading

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A Renewed Commitment to the Great Commission

Posted November 20, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

hc61“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 “The Gospel to Every Creature” has such a powerful and purposeful ring to it. There is no greater goal for the Christian life than to give it all for the sake of the Gospel - to order one’s life so that the Good News of Jesus Christ might be preached to... Keep Reading

Scandalous Gospel

Posted November 19, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

hc59“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” - Romans 1:16 Paul’s flesh had every reason to be ashamed of the Gospel he preached because it contradicted absolutely everything that was held to be true and sacred among his contemporaries. To t... Keep Reading

Testimonies of God's Saving Power

Posted October 7, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

hc76-150x263Welcome to the Fall Edition of the HeartCry magazine. It is our prayer that you are growing in the grace of Christ, laboring in His Name, and looking forward to His return. He who called you is faithful to preserve you until the end and to provide you with all that is necessary to live a life that is pleasing to Him. Therefore, “prove yours... Keep Reading


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Dr. Andrew's testimony

Posted October 7, 2013  by: Marc Glass |0 Comments

profile-protectedUndisclosed country - Evangelist / Church Planter Dr. Andrew is a gifted apologist to Muslims and began his evangelistic work among nomadic Arabs several years ago in the Middle East. After finishing his university studies, Dr. Andrew set up a veterinary clinic in a small village to treat sheep and camels. Dr. Andrew is now leading a ... Keep Reading

Testimony of Walid b.

Posted October 7, 2013  by: Marc Glass |0 Comments

profile_walid_bLebanon Evangelist / Church Planter Walid lives in Lebanon, and his primary ministries are evangelism and discipleship. He is a bold witness for Christ, doing street evangelism and handing out Bibles in the midst of the political, economic, and religious turmoil of the Middle East. Walid is also an invaluable asset in assisting HeartCry w... Keep Reading

Undisclosed Country, Evangelist Elis is a gifted evangelist and a woman of prayer. She and her ministry partner, Sari Saat, have seen the Lord bring many Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. I owe my salvation to the influence of a man whom I met on public transportation. His name is Mr. Rumbu. He was sixty-five years old and looked so sick that I thought that he was going to the hospital. I was thirty at the time. Because I felt bad for him, I gave him my seat. When he thanked me, I felt someth... Keep Reading

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