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Malachi 1:11

September Update from Málaga, Spain | Martin Rizley

Posted December 9, 2016  by: Martin Rizley |0 Comments

In looking back over our first year in Spain, I am thankful for the advances that we have been able to make in establishing our home and initiating our work here. I am also excited about plans for the coming year. Here are a list of motives for thanksgiving and prayer: In a space of less than a year, the Lord has sustained us through two major moves, each of which involved an incredible amount of mental and physical labor as well as countless hours of paperwork. The whole process of establishin... Keep Reading

Heber and his family have recently returned to his hometown in northern Spain, where he is training leaders both locally as well as in the Berea Seminary in Leon. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Heber and his family with a portion of their monthly support. The following is Heber’s first report since returning to Spain as a missionary. By God’s grace, it has already been four months since we arrived in Spain, and He has sustained and helped us with His han... Keep Reading

Opon graduating from seminary in the United States, Martin became a missionary to Spain, where he served as a church planter and itinerant preacher. After returning to the States for some years, he and his family have once again returned as missionaries to Spain in order for Martin to help train church leaders in the congregation in Málaga. He also helps pastor the church and promote evangelistic efforts. Dear Friends in Christ: We have just marked the completion of four months since we ... Keep Reading

Spain - Ruben Videira In September of 2014, Ruben and his family were sent out by Grace Ministries International to begin training pastors in Ruben’s home country through the Berea Bible Seminary in Leon. The seminary focuses on training pastors, elders, and other men in leadership in expository preaching through seminars and conferences. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Ruben and his family with a portion of their monthly support. It is a blessing to write and... Keep Reading

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