That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

The following update is from HeartCry Missionary Rema S.*, who is working in North India. Rema oversees a church-planting movement that supports and trains Indian pastors to preach the Gospel and establish healthy churches. *For security reasons, we cannot provide photos or real names for our protected missionaries; pen names are provided. Local Church Over the last three months, our local church has been learning from the books of Haggai and Ephesians on Sundays. Our weekly Bible study, wher... Keep Reading

Kris is co-coordinator for South Asia with his brother Aaron at the HeartCry home office in Radford, Virginia. Kris is married to Crystal, and they have two sons: Kamron and Timothy. I grew up in a nominal Christian family with sporadic church involvement. Some years we went to church every Sunday, and other years we only went on Christmas and Easter. My mother taught me some things about Christianity as a child, and from a young age, I always believed I was a Christian. I thought I had a prett... Keep Reading

I praise God for the privilege of laboring for His Name’s sake at HeartCry, and I look forward to the good works He has prepared in this new year. Before I describe my hopes for the ministry in Asia in 2013, I will briefly highlight what the Lord has done in the few months I have been with HeartCry in 2012. In August my wife, Christina, and I moved from Minneapolis to Radford to work with HeartCry and the ministry in Asia. I was able to take a three-week trip to Asia with Matt Glass and a... Keep Reading

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