That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Cape Town South Africa

Posted June 8, 2017  by: S. R. |0 Comments

  I can still remember reading the first of Mario Maneville’s reports when I returned to the role of Africa Coordinator over 18 months ago. As I read accounts of his church’s ministry to gangs, drug dealers, and prostitutes in the Cape region, I thought, “I want to see this for myself!” A year and a half later, that desire was finally fulfilled. After visiting our missionary pastor Bill Issa in Uganda, my next stop was Cape Town, South Africa. When many people think... Keep Reading

Chris Mnguni is a graduate of Christ Seminary in Polokwane, South Africa, and is Zulu in ethnic heritage. He and his wife, Happy, have been sent out by Crystal Park Baptist Church in Benoni to plant a church in Daveyton, a township in Johannesburg. Chris is part of an exciting, growing wave of township church-planters laboring to build biblical churches on the strong foundation of the true gospel and sound doctrine. Testimony of Conversion I was raised by a single parent. My goal in life was t... Keep Reading


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After December 2016, HeartCry will end support for missionary pastor Andrew Zekveld. If this statement stood alone, thoughts might tend toward the negative: “Why is HeartCry ending his support? What has he done?” Actually, in this case, ending support for Andrew is one of the most positive and encouraging steps we can take––it is cause for great rejoicing in our faithful God! You see, HeartCry’s intention never is to support a missionary indefinitely. In order for ... Keep Reading

Charlene is the wife of Mario Maneville, pastor of Reformed Faith Mission Community Church in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa. I am excited to see how God is using our small congregation to His glory. I have learned through my journey in these past few years that God is sovereignly in control even when I do not trust or cannot see His plans. I have been going through a difficult time since we moved from Kimberely, in the Northern Cape region, to Cape Town to heed the call of the Lord three ... Keep Reading

South America Coordinator's Report: 2012 Review

Posted August 13, 2013  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

Thus far, we have only included a fraction of the news of what the Lord is doing around the world through our indigenous partners. And yet we come to the end of the magazine with only one page left to share about the work in South America. It is probably just as well, because if we had a hundred pages upon which to write, we could not adequately explain the work or describe the kindness of God which has prospered it! Peru In our beloved country of Peru, the work continues to expand in number a... Keep Reading

Africa Coordinator's Report: God is Working

Posted August 9, 2013  by: Marc Glass |0 Comments

As I recall the Lord’s goodness to our partners in Africa over the last few months, I must joyfully conclude that God is at work, building His Kingdom and strengthening Christ’s Church. Reading through the missionaries’ reports month after month always reveals encouraging examples of Gospel ministers whose ministry is best equated with the strenuous, methodical work of a plow horse. It is a slow and steady breaking up of hardened soil for the sole purpose of planting seeds for ... Keep Reading

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