That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

profile_ruxiRuxi serves as a college campus missionary in Bucharest, Romania. She is part of a team that evangelizes and disciples students from various universities in Bucharest. Her ministry involves leading evangelistic camps and conducting weekly Bible studies with Christians and seekers. Although she continues to battle poor health, the Lord susta... Keep Reading

The highlight of this past month was the conversion of a roommate of a girl I have been discipling for the last two years. As John says in his third epistle: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (verse 4). It has been amazing to see not only their own growth in grace, but also their wonderful witness to their colleagues and friends. One of the things we try to teach our students is how to share the gospel with their colleagues. This girl star... Keep Reading

Dana is the wife of George Serban, a church planter in Stoienesti, Romania. I was born and raised in a family of nominal Orthodox Christians. However, I had no idea who God was, and I had hardly even heard about God. This was because my father was an alcoholic and violent and did not want us to have anything to do with church. So, I never went to church. When I was eleven, my mother decided to divorce my father. There were six of us children, and because we were under the age of eighteen, we we... Keep Reading

Ani is the wife of Ion Tomeci, an evangelist in Timisoara, Romania. They are members of Providenta Church. God is so good, and He works in a wonderful way! We have been holding a Bible study group every Friday night in a home. This environment encouraged the growth of those that were new in Christ, and it was a good opportunity for them to invest in each others’ lives. Our hope has been that every girl would come to know Christ better and learn to be a good testimony to those around them... Keep Reading

Marian ministers among the Gypsies in the village of Frunzanesti, where he pastors a church that he planted several years ago. The village has two gangs that are very hostile to each other and is therefore in a constant state of fear because of the ongoing crime. Marian’s prayer is that the church will be used of the Lord to bring about unity among the Gypsies, who have lived in hate for so many years. Recently, he experienced a wonderful encounter of God’s blessing in the town of Pa... Keep Reading

God's Grace - Romania

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by Constantin Gheoanca Constantin, known as Costel to his friends and fellow workers, is a church planter in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. He recently planted Adonai Church of Bucharest and is serving as its pastor. He is married and has two children. Costel speaks English very well and is an excellent translator. He has a great gift for sharing the gospel with the people of Bucharest. The following is his most recent update. Dear brothers: It is time to give again a testimony about ... Keep Reading

Ruxi is part of a team that evangelizes and disciples students from various universities in Bucharest, Romania. She has had some major health problems over the past few years, but in spite of the physical and emotional burden, she presses on to engage students with the gospel. In this report, Ruxi gives a brief update on her health and then shares about her ministry endeavors. I have just started a very aggressive treatment. Please pray that I will be able to bear and endure it, as the doctor e... Keep Reading

Alex is a gifted evangelist, who carries a burden to see students come to Christ and often leads conferences and camps to train students for outreach. He and his wife Simona have four children. The following accounts describe a few of his encounters in engaging people with the gospel this past month. I participated in an evangelistic event for international students in Ploiesti. Fifteen African and three Romanian students participated in this event. Before the meeting, I spoke with Catalin, an ... Keep Reading

Deep thanks from Romania

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Sorin Prodan Sorin serves as the HeartCry Director in Eastern Europe. He directs ministries in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. His responsibilities include overseeing and training our missionaries in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Sorin is also planting a church in the Romanian city of Brasov. It’s been now more than fifteen years since HeartCry started to support church planters in Eastern Europe, under a sound Biblical teaching, and a healthy vision of investing in indig... Keep Reading

Gospel Encounters | Alex Palade

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Alex Palade, one of our university missionaries, is a passionate evangelist who longs to bring people to Jesus. Fearless in his approach, he faithfully plants gospel seeds wherever he ministers. The following are a couple of his encounters last month. Irecently met an Orthodox man named Eduard. His mother (a Romanian) and his father (a Muslim)are currently living in Syria. Eduard told me that he was feeling lost, and he had this emptiness in his heart. He didn’t know how God saw him or ho... Keep Reading

Doing the Work of an Evangelist | Adrian Augustin

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Adrian, who is called Adi by his friends and colleagues, lives in the city of Brasov, Romania. He and his wife Paula have three daughters. Adi serves Providence Church in Brasov as an evangelist. His bold preaching and powerful presentation of the gospel has given him a unique ministry in the community. Iwant to praise the Lord for being able to write to you once again from the gospel battle field. The battle is getting fierce; it is like hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.We continue taking th... Keep Reading

Ruxi is part of a team that evangelizes and disciples students from various universities in Bucharest. Her ministry involves leading evangelistic camps and conducting weekly Bible studies with Christians and seekers in Bucharest. Ruxi is also one of the team translators for HeartCry in Romania. She assists with translation in conferences and proofreads books that are translated and published by HeartCry into the Romanian language. In spite of a physically trying season, Ruxi continues to lovingl... Keep Reading

Florin moved to the city of Tulcea, Romania, in 2011. He is a member of Bethel Baptist Church and is working as a church planter on the Danube Delta and the mountains of Macin. In addition to church planting, he is seeking to revive the small and abandoned works throughout the region. The county of Tulcea has a population of 260,000 inhabitants, and only about 400 people claim to be Evangelical. In the following, Florin shares about his gospel labor in Tulcea. In April, I continued to go to Sul... Keep Reading

Two New Converts | Romania

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Anatol is the HeartCry national director for Moldova. He pastors Immanuel Baptist Church in Cahul and oversees teams in Anenii Noi and Cahul. Anatol has also planted four other churches in the area. He and his wife Nadia have three children: David, Paul, and Florin. In this recent report, Anatol shares testimonies from two new converts: Marina and Valentina. MARINA'S TESTIMONYIgrew up in an Orthodox family, and my mother taught me how to pray the Lord’s Prayer as a child. In our neighborh... Keep Reading

Each year, HeartCry provides fifty-five students with some of the best resources that have been translated into the native languages of Eastern Europe: Romanian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian. Each student is required to carefully read approximately 150 pages every month, make notes in the book or underline, make an outline of the reading, and participate in a forum discussion online.Each year, the students must read and dialogue about five key works: one each of doctrine, ethics, history, ministry, a... Keep Reading

A Note of Encouragement

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The following is an email sent by Jessica Shapiro to HeartCry administrator Kevin Hite after her recent trip to Romania. Jessica is a student at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida, an extension of Ligonier Ministries. She journeyed to Romania during her 2014 summer break, hoping to witness the Lord’s work among believers there. It appears she was not disappointed, as the Lord enabled her to spend time with several HeartCry-supported evangelists and church planters. What a great ... Keep Reading

Romania | Mercy Triumphs In Opposition

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Florin Stan helps to coordinate the work in Romania. Presently, he develops mission projects in five areas where HeartCry is planting churches. He also leads a church-planting team in Fieni, Romania. Florin and his wife Mariana have one daughter, Damaris. In the face of opposition from the Orthodox Church in Fieni, Florin Stan shares the following story of how God turned disappointment into joy. Before our annual Vacation Bible school, we made a phone call to the city authorities to ensure that... Keep Reading

Romania | For His Sake Alone

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Brother Danut Opris is responsible for the administration of the church in Draganesti-Olt. He and Florina Cazan have also started a new work in the village of Coteana. The location is a hard field because of the witchcraft and strong Orthodox opposition. This past month he sent this testimony from a recent experience in the home of an unsaved family. Home visits are part of my ministry. I visit the church members to counsel them, to rebuke or correct them, and to encourage or help them. Recentl... Keep Reading

Romania | A Divine Window of Opportunity

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Marian Bicajan is an evangelist that presently lives and labors in the city of Fieni. His ministry includes street evangelism, church planting, and working with children. He is currently serving with Florin Stan in a church plant in Fieni. He and his wife Simona have one son, Teodor Razvan. In the following report, Marian relates a recent encounter that he had while doing open-air evangelism on the streets. I want to share with you about an encounter and conversation I had with a young man as h... Keep Reading

Romania | Perseverance Rewarded

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Sorin Iordan is the pastor of a Gypsy church in the southern part of Romania called Rosiori de Vede. The church is located in the middle of the Gypsy community and has had a good ministry among the Gypsies living there. Sorin has also started new missions in Olteni and Troianu. He is married and has seven children. In the following, he gives an account of the Lord honoring faithfulness in spite of an alcoholic’s refusal to trust Christ. In Olteni, the Lord worked in a family that I have b... Keep Reading

Outreach on the Danube Delta

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The Danube River crosses Central and Eastern Europe and flows into the Black Sea, forming in Romania a delta of outstanding beauty. Hundreds of thousands of acres are covered by canals between the three main branches that split the Danube River before flowing into the sea. The population is a mixture of Romanians, Russians, Turks, and some remnants of former German communities. You can see here and there some Orthodox churches in a Romanian or Russian style, some Lutheran churches, and even some... Keep Reading

E. Europe Coordinator Report - Women in Missions

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When many think about missions in our present day, they may have images of persecution, suffering, and deprivation. In parts of the world, these mental pictures are confirmed by experience in graphic reality. While many of the hardships that missionaries face around the world may not be as severe in Eastern Europe, our HeartCry missionaries there do encounter trials. Jesus said that offenses would come, particularly for those who proclaim the Gospel. But while our brothers and sisters in the cou... Keep Reading

Open Doors and Opposition

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Brother Sorin Prodan is the HeartCry Director for Eastern Europe - Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. His ministry on the field has been a great catalyst for the evangelism and growth of the churches there. We consider it a joy and a privilege to support him and his dear wife Trish. Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ... The Word of God says that “to those whom much is given, much will be required.” The Lord has blessed us with many resources and freedoms here in Eastern Europe. Man... Keep Reading

From the Field: Romania

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We have room for only two short reports from HeartCry missionaries in Romania: Florin Stan in Fieni and Marian Jipa in Pitulicea. Florin Stan - Fieni, Romania This last month, we organized a medical event through which we were able to share the gospel. We worked with a team of doctors and nurses, but our main purpose was to share Christ. This ministry of mercy prepared the hearts of the people for the preaching of the Word. The project lasted for two days in the city of Fieni, and approximatel... Keep Reading

Eastern Europe Report

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Romania sorin-75The ministry team in Brasov was blessed to celebrate a recent baptism and will be preparing for a second baptism by August. Last Sunday, we had no room in our meeting place, and we are very thankful for what God has done, particularly in bringing unconverted people to attend each service. The good dynamic in evangelism makes the church active; h... Keep Reading

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