That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Lidia is the wife of Pavel Purcaci, an evangelist in Anenii Noi, Moldova. I was born into a Christian family with eleven children. I was the eighth child in our family. My parents loved and served the Lord with all their heart, and this was passed to us, the children. In my teenage years, I became a Christian and disciple of Christ. When I was twenty years old, I got married to a man involved in our local church ministry. I was still a student at that time and did not have much opportunity to ... Keep Reading

Natalia is the wife of Nicolae Dunas, an evangelist in Cahul, Moldova. My spiritual life began at age thirteen when curiosity drove me to see what Christians do in church. I heard the call of God in a Baptist church in Brinza. I then started to go to every Bible study meeting for teenagers they held, which helped me grow spiritually, and I understood more and more about God. At age seventeen, I was baptized. Right after that, I went to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to study economics. It was a very di... Keep Reading

Olga is the wife of Gelu Ciorna, a pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Cahul, Moldova. They have four children: Robert, Filip, George, and Victoria. I am blessed to support my husband in the youth ministry. Our target is high school and college students. Besides my family duties, I believe my first priority is to pray for the people we serve. Raising my children takes a lot of time—Robert, the oldest, is in school; Filip goes to pre-school; and the two youngest are home with me. I meet ... Keep Reading

E. Europe Coordinator Report - Women in Missions

Posted February 11, 2014  by: Don Currin |0 Comments

When many think about missions in our present day, they may have images of persecution, suffering, and deprivation. In parts of the world, these mental pictures are confirmed by experience in graphic reality. While many of the hardships that missionaries face around the world may not be as severe in Eastern Europe, our HeartCry missionaries there do encounter trials. Jesus said that offenses would come, particularly for those who proclaim the Gospel. But while our brothers and sisters in the cou... Keep Reading

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