That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Encouraging report from Japan

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Praise the Lord for blessing us with the miracle of salvation! In the midst of our human weakness and unworthiness, our precious Lord continues being faithful to work, transforming the hearts and giving life to His called ones. Eight years ago I met a 15 years old Peruvian boy who was sent by his Peruvian immigrant parents religiously to an American-Japanese church every Sunday. He sat for years by himself listening without understanding the English, with limited Japanese participation. He told... Keep Reading


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Nicola is originally from England and is the wife of Luis Ramirez, a Peruvian church planter in Tokyo, Japan. The Lord saved me when I was studying at university. There I had made Christian friends for the first time, and they took me to church, where I heard the gospel. I had considered myself a Christian beforehand, as I occasionally read my Bible, but when I heard about my sinful condition and how I stood before God, I finally understood my need to repent and ask His forgiveness. I spe... Keep Reading

Luis R. and his wife Nicola have been serving the Lord in Japan since 2004. They are primarily laboring among the large Latin American community in Tokyo. Dear Brothers and Sisters: The Lord saved me in a church that was planted in Peru by Pastor Paul Washer. Following my conversion, I was involved in biblical training, growing in my understanding of sound doctrine, preaching the gospel in a number of cities of South America, and building churches in the Peruvian Amazon. Afterwards, our Lord s... Keep Reading

From the Field: Asia

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In the following pages, you will find two reports from HeartCry missionaries Raj K. in northern India and Luis Ramirez in Japan. Raj K. - Northern India Brother Raj works alongside seven other HeartCry missionaries in northern India. He also oversees all our missionary efforts in Nepal. Greetings to you in the Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus! We are doing well here, and we hope the same for you. I would like to share the following with you: A church worship service was disturbed, and belie... Keep Reading

Asia Coordinator's Report: 2012 Review

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Dear HeartCry Friends and Co-laborers: I hope this edition of the magazine finds you experiencing more of Christ’s love and holy joy. It is my prayer that your joy and zeal for the Lord might grow as you read about what God is doing among the nations in order to exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The stories that you read in this magazine, stories that we are privileged to write, are just a small part of that great narrative that our God is writing. As every word and chapter are an i... Keep Reading


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