That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Laboring For Christ

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hc86-150x263 EquippingGospel Messengers Sowing Gospel Seed As we prepare this edition of the HeartCry Magazine, winter is passing, and spring is almost upon us. The weather grows warmer, the days lengthen, and the ground is thawing. Soon everything will be coming to life for another cycle of spring and summer until winter draws near again and causes all g... Keep Reading


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Marian ministers among the Gypsies in the village of Frunzanesti, where he pastors a church that he planted several years ago. The village has two gangs that are very hostile to each other and is therefore in a constant state of fear because of the ongoing crime. Marian’s prayer is that the church will be used of the Lord to bring about unity among the Gypsies, who have lived in hate for so many years. Recently, he experienced a wonderful encounter of God’s blessing in the town of Pa... Keep Reading

God's Grace - Romania

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by Constantin Gheoanca Constantin, known as Costel to his friends and fellow workers, is a church planter in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. He recently planted Adonai Church of Bucharest and is serving as its pastor. He is married and has two children. Costel speaks English very well and is an excellent translator. He has a great gift for sharing the gospel with the people of Bucharest. The following is his most recent update. Dear brothers: It is time to give again a testimony about ... Keep Reading

Heber and his family have recently returned to his hometown in northern Spain, where he is training leaders both locally as well as in the Berea Seminary in Leon. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Heber and his family with a portion of their monthly support. The following is Heber’s first report since returning to Spain as a missionary. By God’s grace, it has already been four months since we arrived in Spain, and He has sustained and helped us with His han... Keep Reading

Opon graduating from seminary in the United States, Martin became a missionary to Spain, where he served as a church planter and itinerant preacher. After returning to the States for some years, he and his family have once again returned as missionaries to Spain in order for Martin to help train church leaders in the congregation in Málaga. He also helps pastor the church and promote evangelistic efforts. Dear Friends in Christ: We have just marked the completion of four months since we ... Keep Reading

Ruxi is part of a team that evangelizes and disciples students from various universities in Bucharest, Romania. She has had some major health problems over the past few years, but in spite of the physical and emotional burden, she presses on to engage students with the gospel. In this report, Ruxi gives a brief update on her health and then shares about her ministry endeavors. I have just started a very aggressive treatment. Please pray that I will be able to bear and endure it, as the doctor e... Keep Reading

Peter is working to plant biblical churches in Germany. Throughout the week, he is teaching, preaching, and evangelizing in the streets. Peter is a member of the Reformed Baptist Church in Wetzlar (Hessen). He is married to Priscilla, and they have two young boys – Josiah and Elias. Dearly and highly esteemed partners in the gospel: I thank you for taking the time to read this report; I am very grateful for your support and your intercession on our behalf. I truly appreciate your faithful... Keep Reading

Mission Report - Daniel Noren, Sweden

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daniel-n-smlDaniel is a native Swede living and ministering in Bergsjön, a suburb of Gothenburg. This is an immigrant area with 144 nationalities and many unreached people groups represented. Daniel is passionate to reach out both to immigrants and to his fellow Swedes. He is serving as an elder in the church plant Gothenburg International Baptist Churc... Keep Reading

Christmas Morning - Siberia

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21023870472_6995f6337e_oHeartCry missionary Gennady Mikhailov receives the newest theological books in Russian at the latest conference in Siberia. One of the more fun things that we do here at HeartCry is give doctrinally sound books to indigenous pastors in their own language. Why is this so fun? Mainly because of ... Keep Reading

Three New Missionaries in Zambia

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It is our great privilege to introduce three new missionaries working in Zambia. Please pray for the work as it continues to expand beyond Zambia and into all of Africa. Sangwani Mtika Sangwani recently completed a pastoral internship under Pastor Ngoma at Calvary Baptist Church in the city of Chipata. Chipata is located on Zambia’s eastern border with Malawi. In June 2015, Sangwani was ordained and sent out by Calvary Baptist to plant a church in the Magazine district of Chipata. The fo... Keep Reading

Spiritual Warfare - N. India

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by Kunal M. After graduating from a theological seminary in 1991, Kunal began his ministry as a church planter in India. He is currently pastoring a church in a city of northern India, and he is burdened for preaching the gospel in the surrounding villages that are still unreached. He has been able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in over fifty villages that had previously never been reached, and he continues to labor in this ministry of evangelism. This report contains several prayer reque... Keep Reading

by Yehoshua (S. India) Yehoshua was born in a Hindu family of the Dalit caste, which is made up of those who are considered the “untouchables” of India. After he was converted, the Lord called him to serve in the ministry. He is now the pastor of a church in southern India and is taking courses at a Bible institute. This report contains information about his new members. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! I just wanted to give you an update on the work of the Lord here. The gosp... Keep Reading

Autonomy! - North India

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The following is an interview with Rehir G. of North India. Rehir has been in the ministry since 1995. At first, he was an evangelist and traveled all over his district sharing the good news of Jesus. In 2001, he began training other missionaries to better equip them for service. He now continues in both of these ministries, in addition to his role of pastor at his local church. The following is an interview with Rehir that was conducted by India coordinator Jeff S. in August of 2015. Jeff S. &... Keep Reading

A Call To Prayer - Russia

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Andrey is a graduate of the Samara Center for Biblical Training. He pastors a young church in Omsk, Siberia, which he helped establish in 2008. Andrey is a man who has been radically transformed by the grace and power of Christ. He is committed to being a godly husband and father as well as shepherding the people of God. Peace to you, dear servants of Christ! With another month passing by we are getting closer and closer to the wonderful conclusion of our pilgrimage and labor in this life on ea... Keep Reading

Alexey is a graduate of the Samara Center for Biblical Training. He and his family have accepted a request by a small group of believers in St. Petersburg to plant a church there. St. Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia (10 million people), and the need for more Bible-centered, Christ-exalting churches is enormous. Alexey began his church-planting efforts there in the fall of 2013. In the following is recorded Alexey’s thoughts about last year’s HeartCry conference in St.... Keep Reading

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