That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Deep thanks from Romania

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Sorin Prodan Sorin serves as the HeartCry Director in Eastern Europe. He directs ministries in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. His responsibilities include overseeing and training our missionaries in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Sorin is also planting a church in the Romanian city of Brasov. It’s been now more than fifteen years since HeartCry started to support church planters in Eastern Europe, under a sound Biblical teaching, and a healthy vision of investing in indig... Keep Reading

Deepest gratitude - Germany

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Peter Schild Peter is working to plant biblical churches in Germany. Throughout the week, he and his co-worker, Nathanael Armisen, are teaching, preaching and evangelizing in the streets. Peter is a member of the Reformed Baptist Church in Wetzlar (Hessen). He is married to Priscilla and the father of Josiah and Elijah. Dear highly esteemed partners in the gospel: I am writing to you to express my deepest gratitude to those who make it possible for me to live and to serve full-time in the mini... Keep Reading

Ivan Tassara graduated from a Bible academy in the Dominican Republic and is now serving as the pastor of the church “Jesus is the Only Hope” in Sullana, Peru. We are very grateful for your support. We thank God for putting in your heart the desire to give, and we also thank each of you because you have given according to your ability, and in some cases even beyond your ability. For us it has been a great help, since through your support you have provided for our needs, and above al... Keep Reading

Wehrner Pancorbo is the pastor of the church “Iglesia Cristiana de Gracia” (Grace Christian Church) in Cuzco, Peru. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in the work of the ministry and to be part of the group of believers that serve Him in all the world. At the same time, I give many thanks to all of the brothers and sisters who support HeartCry, and who, month after month, are faithful stewards in the use of the money that God has given them. Your support provides for ... Keep Reading

Warmly grateful - Middle East

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Dr. Andrew* Dr. Andrew is a church planter in the Middle East. He and his wife have been called to build up and equip the Arabic speaking churches in the Muslim world by teaching them the Bible and mobilizing them to plant indigenous churches among difficult-to-reach Arab communities. Dear brothers and sisters: A quick look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) reveals a diverse picture of countries that live in devastating civil war and violence like Syrian, Iraq, Yemen,... Keep Reading

Walter Isse is a native of Argentina, and is currently pastoring “La Iglesia del Salvador” church in Barranco, Lima, Peru. One of my primary responsibilities is to preach the Word of God every Sunday. Some years ago I was carrying out this responsibility, but at the same time I had a full-time job alongside the ministry. The job was located far from my home, and between the two and a half hour commute and a nine hour workday it required much of my time. I devoted the additional... Keep Reading

Jose Luis is the co-pastor of “Jesus es la Puerta” (Jesus is the Door) Baptist Church, Sullana, Peru. He also teaches and leads the theological education by extension in several rural locations. Beloved brothers and sisters: I thank God for the way He has used each of you in the extension of the kingdom of God in all the world. Your prayers, donations, and love for God’s work have caused the gospel to run forward in our country. Churches have been edified, missionaries have be... Keep Reading

Bakhid is pastor of a church in Northern Kazakhstan. He is a graduate of the Samara Center for Biblical Training and is a part of their fellowship of pastors. In addition to his regular preaching activities, Bakhid is also very active in evangelism among the Muslim Kazakhs in his area (They make up the majority of the population). Due to new laws and regulations imposed by the government, Christians in Kazakhstan are now losing their religious freedom. Greetings to you all who are involved in s... Keep Reading

After graduating from Delhi University, Raphu worked for seven years as an evangelist with India’s Campus Crusade for Christ. Afterwards, he began praying that the Lord would lead him to do church planting among an unreached people group in South Asia. Providentially, he met HeartCry missionary Rebekah, and the two have recently been married and are now working in Bhutan. Dear HeartCry Supporters: First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for you... Keep Reading

Numerous thanks - South India

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Vijay, sent back to India by Bethlehem Baptist Church after finishing seminary in the United States, has started an indigenous missionary organization which aims at equipping and supporting church planters among South Asia’s least reached people. In many ways, his ministry is built upon the foundation that his father laid after 30 years of faithful ministry in rural parts of South India. Please pray for him as he labors in this work. Greetings in Jesus name! I just wanted to say thank you... Keep Reading


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Connor H. is working with a group of HeartCry missionaries in a very unreached part of North India. His ministry involves church planting and leadership training. Dear Saints in Christ: I pray that you are near the Son of God, trusting in Him, and growing into His likeness day by day. Our journey is so short, and each day given to us is an opportunity to know and become more and more like Him. My prayer for you is that you would strive by His Spirit in this journey to Christlikeness. I’m... Keep Reading

Extremely grateful - Belarus

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Belarus - Slava V. Slava is a pastor of a Baptist church in Belarus and the director of “Gospel and Reformation,” a ministry that translates and publishes sound theological resources into Russian. HeartCry began supporting Slava in November of 2011. Belarus is a ‘restricted’ nation with regard to the gospel and church planting. As a result the church there faces many obstacles. As the head of a Russian Christian publishing house, I can firmly say that it is difficult to... Keep Reading

Sincere thanks - Siberia

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Siberia Vladimir Radzihovski HeartCry has been privileged to partner with Brother Vladimir since 2003. He and his family labor among the peoples of Siberia. Physically and spiritually, this is a very difficult place both to live and to work due to the harshness of climate as well as the vast and rugged landscape. It is an undesirable place in almost every way, and only a small percentage of the world’s population calls it their home, nevertheless, the need is great! My wife and I moved ... Keep Reading

Spain - Ruben Videira In September of 2014, Ruben and his family were sent out by Grace Ministries International to begin training pastors in Ruben’s home country through the Berea Bible Seminary in Leon. The seminary focuses on training pastors, elders, and other men in leadership in expository preaching through seminars and conferences. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Ruben and his family with a portion of their monthly support. It is a blessing to write and... Keep Reading

Daniel is a native Swede living and ministering in Bergsjön, which is a suburb of Gothenburg. This is an immigrant area with 144 nationalities and many unreached people groups represented. Daniel is passionate to reach out both to immigrants and his fellow Swedes. He also serves as an elder in the church plant, “Gothenburg International Baptist Church” ( Daniel’s ministry includes preaching and teaching the word of God, evangelism, counselling, and discipli... Keep Reading

Samuel is a pastor and missionary leader in South India whom HeartCry began partnering with in February 2013. He is married with two children. Together with his father, Samuel oversees a missionary organization that is currently supporting and training several pastors who labor in the villages surrounding his city. Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings in the name of our Lord, Saviour, and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! We know we have only one mission this side of eternity, and that is to glorify our... Keep Reading

Thank you from Asia

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Cambodia - Chhinho S. Chhinho is the pastor of Shalom Church and leader for the Shalom Mission to Cambodia, a church planting ministry intent on reaching the Khmer people. Dear Donors: I am writing to express my thanks to you for your generous support which has released me to devote myself full-time to the ministry of Shalom Mission Cambodia. Your commitment and generosity is sincerely appreciated. Your support has enabled our ministry to reach many souls throughout the kingdom of Cambodi... Keep Reading

Luis R. and his wife Nicola have been serving the Lord in Japan since 2004. They are primarily laboring among the large Latin American community in Tokyo. Dear Brothers and Sisters: The Lord saved me in a church that was planted in Peru by Pastor Paul Washer. Following my conversion, I was involved in biblical training, growing in my understanding of sound doctrine, preaching the gospel in a number of cities of South America, and building churches in the Peruvian Amazon. Afterwards, our Lord s... Keep Reading

Ranjit K. And Team After working for seven years to plant a church in Nepal, Ranjit returned to his native state in North India to plant churches where there is very little gospel light. He is now working in five villages and has seen the Lord open many doors. He has also built many relationships as a result of his willingness to serve the people around him. Ranjit also occasionally teaches in a seminary nearby. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord: Greetings in Christ Jesus name! On behalf o... Keep Reading

After graduating from Grace Bible College, Sunder primarily worked planting a church in Gujarat, India. In 2004, he moved back to his native state in South India, where God has graciously used him to plant another church. We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your support through the years to Light House church. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your prayers and financial sacrifices on our behalf. Simply stated, if it were not for the generous gifts provided by you, we coul... Keep Reading

hc85-150x263Here at HeartCry we wanted to create a special edition that had one great purpose - To communicate our thankfulness for all your prayers and financial support over the years! A few months ago we sent out a e-mail to many of our missionaries around the globe asking for short letters of “thank you” to all of you who pray for and suppor... Keep Reading


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Thank you from Africa

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ZAMBIA Conrad Mbewe Pastor Mbewe and his fellow elders at Kabwata Baptist Church are spearheading all our church-planting efforts in Zambia and throughout Africa. Dear HeartCry Partners and Supporters: As we work together with HeartCry Missionary Society to further the cause of the gospel in Africa, the words of the apostle Paul come to mind: “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership... Keep Reading

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