That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Discipleship the Goal of the Great Commission

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hc80-150x263 “Make disciples of all the nations.” – Matthew 28:19 The above declaration is the “great” command of the Great Commission. In fact, it is really the only command in Matthew 28:18-20. The words “go,” “teaching,” and “baptizing” simply serve as clarifiers that explain how the comm... Keep Reading

Fruitful Evangelistic Preaching

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Javier is the pastor of the Baptist Church of Maranatha in Paita, Peru. He has a long-standing relationship with us as a HeartCry missionary, and we consider him to be one of our most trusted co-workers in Latin America. May thanks always be given to our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings He has poured out on my family and ministry. This month we have seen more people awakened to their need for Christ through the preaching of the gospel. We recently held a preaching event to which we invited a... Keep Reading

A Funeral and a Chance to Preach

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Miguel is a pastor and HeartCry missionary serving in the small town of Sapillica in the mountains of northern Peru. He is the brother of Javier Carhuapoma and a faithful colaborer in the harvest of the Great Commission. Thanks be to God! We are seeing growth in our church, both numerically and spiritually. The second Saturday of this last month, several brothers and sisters from the church participated in a day of evangelism in our town, and afterwards we spent the night in prayer. The follow... Keep Reading

This article is based on information gathered from a HeartCry affiliated observer of the underground church in the Arabian Peninsula. A Christianity in the Arabian Peninsula From various places in the Scriptures, we learn that Christianity had a strong beginning in the Middle East. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-seventh century that Islam began to become the dominant religion of the region. But because Islam was founded in an intensely tribal culture, it spread rapidly and sank deeply ... Keep Reading

by Leonid B. Leonid has planted a church among the Russian Jews in an undisclosed city in Israel. Though the church is small, their hope is that God would use them to bring many hearts to His Son. Leonid, also helps Antony S. with the evangelistic tour ministry and performs evangelistic concerts in cities throughout Israel. Furthermore, he writes articles on Israel that are published in various Christian magazines. He has now published these articles in a book entitled, “Around Jerusalem ... Keep Reading

Evangelism and a Growing Church in Cuzco

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Wehrner is the pastor of the church “Iglesia Cristiana de Gracia” (Grace Christian Church) in Cuzco, Peru. He moved from Chiclayo, Peru with his family and began this new work in February of 2013. Cuzco is located in the central mountains of Peru, near the famed tourist attraction, Machu Picchu. I am very happy in the Lord to see that the ministry that He has given us in Cuzco is continually strengthened. Having grown over the past several months, there are now many more people that... Keep Reading

Struggles and Victories in the Work of the Gospel

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Ivan graduated from a Bible academy in the Dominican Republic and is now serving as the pastor of the church “Jesus is the Only Hope” in Sullana, Peru. He is also a co-laborer with Javier Carhuapoma. Thanks be to our God, who leads us from victory to victory, and who manifests the fragrance of the knowledge of Himself through His people. How great our God is and how small we are! Yet, it is His good pleasure to use us to announce the glories and riches of His Kingdom. Struggles and... Keep Reading

The Family and the Local Church

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Jose Luis is the co-pastor of “Jesus es la Puerta” (Jesus is the Door) Baptist Church in the town of Mallaritos, just outside of Sullana. He also helps to lead different sections of the theological education by extension in several different locations. A major portion of our ministry in the local church consists of counseling, teaching, and praying with the married couples and families. On several occasions this past month, we took advantage of Saturdays to expound God’s Word ... Keep Reading

Proclaiming Christ in a Rehabilitation Center

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Rogelio served for years as the pastor of a Baptist church in one of the most dangerous areas of Lima, called La Victoria. He is a HeartCry missionary and a long-standing friend. Brothers and sisters, I rejoice greatly in the opportunity the Lord has given me through the invitation extended to me to help with a Christian rehabilitation center nearby. I am ministering to men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Since I was rescued by the Lord from that same kind of lifestyle, the Lord is using... Keep Reading

Logos Software for Missionaries

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In an effort to encourage and aid in further equipping some of the young missionaries we support, HeartCry has provided four pastors in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil with the Spanish edition of Logos Bible Software. This resource provides these men with commentaries, word study tools, sound literature, and other useful materials. Thanks to the giving of the brothers and sisters that the Lord has raised up to support and pray for this ministry, these men now have a much needed study tool to help t... Keep Reading

Outreach on the Danube Delta

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The Danube River crosses Central and Eastern Europe and flows into the Black Sea, forming in Romania a delta of outstanding beauty. Hundreds of thousands of acres are covered by canals between the three main branches that split the Danube River before flowing into the sea. The population is a mixture of Romanians, Russians, Turks, and some remnants of former German communities. You can see here and there some Orthodox churches in a Romanian or Russian style, some Lutheran churches, and even some... Keep Reading

Outreach Efforts in Siberia

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HeartCry has been privileged to partner with Brother Vladimir since 2003. He and his family labor among the peoples of Siberia. Physically and spiritually, this is a very difficult place both to live and to work due to the harshness of climate as well as the vast and rugged landscape. It is an undesirable place in almost every way, and only a small percentage of the world’s population calls it their home. However, the need is great. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We sin... Keep Reading

A Scandal of Epidemic Proportions

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Don Currin is the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe and an itinerant evangelist. He and his wife Cindy currently live in Tuscumbia, Alabama, where he is also pastoring a church. For more information on Don’s ministry, please visit his website at: The biblical Gospel continues to incite hostility in the world. Its scandalous content arouses bitter opposition from both the religious public and global populace. Two aspects of the Gospel that have provoked incr... Keep Reading

God's Work in Japan

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Luis has been serving the Lord in Japan since 2004. He is a native of Lima, Peru. He met his wife Nicola in Japan, and they were married in 2005. They are primarily laboring among the large Latin American community in Tokyo. Praise God for His salvation and His Word! Praise God for giving us the privilege to preach the Gospel, baptize, and make disciples! This last month, our church celebrated its sixth anniversary. We praise our Lord Jesus for His salvation and rejoice in His blessings. But mo... Keep Reading

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Evangelism and Church Planting in the Netherlands

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of twelve provinces in North-West Europe and several islands in the Caribbean. The European portion of the Netherlands borders the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, and its seat of government is in The Hague. About twenty percent of the country (both in area and population) is located below sea level, and fifty percent of its land lies less than one meter above sea l... Keep Reading

The following update is from Brother Ranjit K., who labors in the mountains of North India. After working for seven years to plant a church in Nepal, he returned to his native state to plant more churches. He is now working in five villages and has seen the Lord open many doors. He has built many relationships as a result of his willingness to serve those around him. Ranjit also teaches occasionally in a nearby reformed seminary. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord for His grac... Keep Reading

Quotes Worth Requoting

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Be encouraged and challenged by some of our favorite quotes from missionaries around the world. They provide a powerful impetus in a few words. “The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time” – Carl F. H. Henry “Sympathy is no substitute for action.” – David Livingstone (missionary to Africa) “Any church that is not seriously involved in helping fulfill the Great Commission has forfeitedits biblical right to exist.”&n... Keep Reading

A Special Thanks for and from a New Missionary in Zambia

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In June of this year, HeartCry approved support for Matthews Fikati (featured in the previous magazine). Matthews started a church plant in late March in Chambishi, Zambia, after comleting a year-long internship program with Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC), which oversees all of the HeartCry works in Africa. Below are a few brief thank-you notes from KBC, from the church that is sending Matthews, and from Matthews himself. It is a small reflection of all that God is doing through your prayers and s... Keep Reading

Missionary Report - We Rejoice in our God, Kenya

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Sam Oluoch Kisumu, Kenya Sam has been in the ministry since 1999. In November of 2000, he teamed up with Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu to begin the work of church planting in Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria. Sam holds a B.A. in theology from Highlands Theological College in Scotland. We thank God for the many things He is doing among us here in Kenya. I have provided you with a simple list below so that you might rejoice and thank God with us. We are grateful for your prayers! 1. The bapt... Keep Reading

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