That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Dear praying saints, I hope this letter finds you growing in the knowledge of our precious Savior, who is worthy of all praise. Once again, the Lord was faithful to your intercessory prayers, and I am truly grateful that you spend time placing us and the work in Germany before the Lord. With thanksgiving I want to tell you of His gracious works among us in the month of July.... Keep Reading

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Iliya Hlushchak: Special Prayer

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We are worried because our country is at war and this has affected our family. The military mobilization has been announced and three men in our family may be taken for the army. Our youngest son will be 18 in December and he might also be called to the army then.... Keep Reading

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Donna Serban's Health Update

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We went to the hospital on July 14th and she was hospitalized. The doctor came and asked her to do some tests before the surgery. Seeing the results of the tests, the doctor said that there was no extrasystole (irregular heart beat), so there was no need for another surgery.... Keep Reading

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Pray for Natalia Terentii

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I go to the hospital almost every month for analyzes and treatment. The medical treatment is so expensive .... I pray that I would find herbal medicines. There were days when I have had so many questions about my sickness, pills, weakness, the two surgeries to come, etc. I enter the hospital just like I enter my house.... Keep Reading

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A Divine Window of Opportunity

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I want to share with you about a young man and the discussion we had. Marius and I approached several young people that were waiting for the bus. One of them told Marius he didn’t want to talk to us because he was a Satanist. I started praying for guidance in approaching him because I knew he was in great need of hearing the Gospel. I felt so sorry for him, but I had no idea how to start a discussion with him.... Keep Reading

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From House to House

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Home visits are part of my ministry. I visit the church members to council them, to rebuke or correct them, and to encourage or help them in order to be able to come to church. Our church helped a non-Christian family with financial support. Their daughter needed mouth surgery.... Keep Reading

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Mercy Triumphs in Opposition

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In the face of opposition from the Orthodox Church in Fieni, Florin Stan shares the following story of how God turned disappointment into joy. "Before the VBS, we made a phone call to make sure that everything was OK. The authorities were very distant and told us that the approval to use the auditorium was no longer valid, because the there was pressure from the Orthodox priests. As we had given out invitations to the VBS, we went there to wait for the children and to find a solution, because w... Keep Reading

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Eastern Europe Summer Report - Sorin Prodan

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A successful mission is not always quantified in terms of conversions, baptisms, prayers, or decisions, but in the faithful work of a man who is called to proclaim the Gospel, build a community of faith, and disciple the new believers. The days of joy when people are saved, are followed by days when you see some drifting away, compromising, or disappearing from the church. The days of sweet fellowship with the brethren, could be interrupted by days of solving conflicts, and disciplining. This is the normal dynamic of a ministry.... Keep Reading

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Evangelism and Church Planting in the Netherlands

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Dear HeartCry Family, Recently we were moved by the following story about Charles Wesley, eVerslag 5  Jacques & Annette Brunt (Holland)-2ntitled ‘The Power of a Hymn.’ We would like to pass it on as encouragement: Charles Wesley was looking out of his open window at the beautiful landscape. Suddenly he saw a sma... Keep Reading

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Eastern Europe Spring Report - Sorin Prodan

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ROMANIA The key event of May for the HeartCry team was the evangelistic outreach in the city of Pucioasa, and a few other towns in the neighborhood (Varfuri, Vulcana, Magura). Once again, the HeartCry missionaries joined their efforts to reach out to the community where missionary Nicu Vulpe, along with Marius, and Alex work to plant churches. Hundreds of people were called to come to repentance by one to one street evangelism, home visits, and evangelistic meetings. We are sure that the seed o... Keep Reading

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