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Transparency And The Desire To Be More Like Jesus

Posted January 2, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

The following update from Dimitry R. is both encouraging and transparent. Here is a Russian pastor who genuinely desires to be more conformed to the image of Christ and is willing to share his failure because he understands the necessity and power of others praying for him. Please read the following and pray for the requests of our brother Dimitry.... Keep Reading

Samara Conference Video - Paul Washer (Russian Sermons)

Posted December 18, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

The sermons from the recent conference in Samara, Russia are now available online. Soon we will be posting them on our own website, but for now you can view them here. The Lord greatly helped as Brother Paul spent six sessions preaching on Understanding the Gospel. There was also a Q & A session that was recorded. Please share the above link with all of your Russian-speaking friends and family.... Keep Reading

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Alexander S. - Update

Posted December 12, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

profile_alexander_cOn Sundays, I continue to preach on 1st Peter, the last sermon was on chapter 3 verses 8-13 regarding the relationship between the believers in our church. This topic is important, because I think the relationship in the church between believers can always be improving. Also, when we pray on Fridays for the church and personal needs... Keep Reading

Upcoming Trip to Russia

Posted November 22, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Next week, Brother Paul and myself are scheduled to travel to Samara, Russia. The Samara Center for Biblical Training (whom we partner with to support five pastors in Eurasia) has invited Brother Paul to preach at their annual youth conference. They are expecting hundreds of young people from different parts of Russia to attend the event. After the conference, Paul will be training many of the men who are studying at SCBT along with others who are currently pastoring in the area. HeartCry is al... Keep Reading

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A New Ministry Tool in Siberia

Posted November 18, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

HeartCry has just provided a much-needed 4X4 vehicle for the missionaries in the Irkutsk region. These men travel thousands of miles every month taking the gospel to cities and villages that are otherwise cut-off from the gospel and have no church among them. They also make regular visits to the smaller churches that they have planted in the surrounding area. They do this in order to encourage the pastors of these churches, provide the people with good books and resources, and help them to evang... Keep Reading

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Recent Projects

Posted November 12, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Recently, the Lord has enabled HeartCry to provide for various projects within Eurasia: TranslationIn Belarus, we are in the middle of funding a project to print 1,000 Russian copies of Systematic Theology, by Louis Berkhof. Also, we have just sent over the remaining funds for the translation of The Church, by Edmond Clowney, which is the 2nd book in the Contours of Christian Theology series that has been translated into Russian. Next in line for translation in the series is The Providence of G... Keep Reading

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Eugene M. - Update

Posted November 8, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Greetings friends! Recently, I finished preaching through the gospel of John. Now I’m going to preach through the letters to the Corinthians. Sergey (another elder of the church) is finishing up preaching on Romans. Since we had started Bible school over again, and plus I have to teach counseling, we agreed to take turns and preach every other Sunday.... Keep Reading

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Indigenous Training in Belarus - Slava

Posted November 1, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Here is a brief update on our work here: 1. Berkhof Recently, we submitted Berkhof's Systematic Theology (in Russian) for printing. The printer has enough time before Christmas to do his work so there is a chance that the book will come off the press by the end of 2013. But more realistically it will be printed sometime in January 2014.  2. Training The Summer School of Theology (training conference for pastors) that we had last June went so well that we decided to continue teaching our... Keep Reading

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Quality Biblical Resources in Russian

Posted October 25, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

HeartCry has been working with the Samara Center for Biblical Training in Samara, Russia for a few years now. We are grateful for the work that they do in training Russian pastors to lead the church and take the gospel to the multitudes of lost people there. SCBT has created a website full of biblically sound resources (sermons, articles, etc.) called which is an online resource designed to glorify the Triune God through the provision of quality biblical material for Russian p... Keep Reading

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Andrey G. - Living Out the Gospel

Posted October 21, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Greetings! In a short form I would like to share with you how the Lord Jesus has been leading Liana (my wife) and me in this past month. I have been preaching from the gospel of John throughout the first half of September. On September 15th we began teaching the second level of the Bible school for the church members and whoever else wishes to attend, all as planned. We began with Bibliology. Our main goal is to teach good practical theology to the church to help them form biblical convictions ... Keep Reading

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