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Malachi 1:11

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Striving To Live Worthy Of The Gospel - Dimitry R.

Posted July 24, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

I am glad to write to you once again about how the Lord continues His work in our small church community. We began a study of the letter to the Philippians on Sunday mornings. God is addressing us through the Apostle Paul, “Conduct yourselves in the manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (Phil. 1:27) He is teaching us that we must grow in love and that difficult circumstances are not... Keep Reading

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Biblical Church Leadership - Eugene M.

Posted June 19, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

profile_eugene_tI greet you, my friends, with Jesus’ love!Last month, a man in our church named Sergey, has been ordained to the pastoral ministry and become an elder of the church with me. We rented a café building for this special event. We sang songs and then I preached on 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 about the qualities of a true servant of Chris... Keep Reading

Elderly Saints And New Opportunities - Alexander S.

Posted June 12, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

profile_alexander_cGreetings, dear brothers and sisters!I thank God for your prayers. Your prayer support is very important for the Church and for me personally as we do see the power of your prayers. Our church has many elderly people. Unfortunately, many of them are in poor health, and it makes me sad that they cannot regularly attend our services. ... Keep Reading

Effective Evangelism - Dimitry R.

Posted May 25, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

portrait-dimitryGreetings and thank you for your prayers on our behalf! We both need and feel them as we continue to worship our God, grow spiritually, and spread the Gospel. We have our prayer meeting every Friday where we continue studying 1 Kings. In our Sunday services I continue preaching about God’s qualities and att... Keep Reading

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"How Precious Is His Loving-Kindness" - Andrey G.

Posted May 7, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

“How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God!!” I am still here, trying to be a good and faithful servant of Jesus Christ. My dear friend Dinar and I spent about two hours at his friends’ house where we preached the gospel to a thirty-year-old man and his mother. Please pray for the salvation of their souls! I think and pray a lot about the ministry of evangelism on the streets, which is a continual practice of Christianity.... Keep Reading

Growing In Number Little By Little - Gennady Mikhailov

Posted April 29, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

portrait-gennadyPlease join us in praying for Gennady and the church in Irkutsk. HeartCry has committed to provide the funds necessary for the missionary trips mentioned in Gennady's report below. Pray that the Lord would greatly bless the outreach and church planting efforts of this man. Peace and grace to you from our Lord Jes... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Russian Translation Work

Posted April 16, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

In this recent video, Slava V. provides further insight into the ministry of publishing theologically rich resources for the Russian-speaking world. ... Keep Reading

'A Blessing From God' - New Resource In Russian

Posted March 4, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.07.57 PMThe Russian translation efforts of HeartCry and Gospel and Reformation continue to progress at a steady pace. HeartCry recently funded the translation and printing of the first volume in the Recovering The Gospel series, The Gospel's Power and Message by Paul Washer. The boo... Keep Reading

Evangelism, A Stolen Car, And New Opportunities - Eugene M.

Posted February 23, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Recently, HeartCry has provided the necessary funds for Eugene, and his church in Isil'kul, Siberia, to rent an adequate meeting space that will enable them to conduct evangelistic meetings for the people in their city. In the following report, Eugene thanks HeartCry for such help. He also shares about the recent training on evangelism that he finished with the church and how the Lord miraculously provided opportunities for him to share Christ with the lost.... Keep Reading

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Marriage And Family Conference In Samara, Russia

Posted February 13, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Please pray for Paul Washer and his son, Ian, as they are currently in Samara, Russia. Brother Paul is preaching at a Marriage and Family Conference as well as teaching a smaller group of pastors more indepthly about what it means to be a godly husband and father. Pray that the Lord would help Brother Paul to clearly communicate what the Bible teaches concerning these things; and pray for strength as Paul will be preaching and teaching many times in just a few days. Also, pray that the Spirit w... Keep Reading

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