That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Last night I arrived in Samara, Russia for the annual Preachers' Conference. Over the next several days I will have the privilege of meeting personally with many of the men that HeartCry supports through Samara Center for Biblical Training. Please read the following from Brad Klassen about the conference and how you can pray specifically about what is taking place here.This weekend, May 27-29, Samara Center for Biblical Training is hosting its annual Preachers’ Conference. Over 450 church ... Keep Reading

Prayer Request: Anatoly's Health

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Please pray for Anatoly in Belarus. I just received the following from him this morning: I would appreciate your prayers for my health. It's the FOURTH week that I have been sick. I think one sort of ailment just morphed into another. This results in dramatic decrease in my productivity as well as discouragement. Pray that I may recover quickly in the coming few days. There will be some important church work I must tend to for the last ten days of May, and then our trip to Siberia will imme... Keep Reading

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April Update From Belarus - Anatoly C.

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GatovaChurchFor the last half of April I was sick. However, before my sickness I was able to make another trip to a faraway place in Belarus to visit a new church. The town is called S____. It is in the North. The church is small, slightly over a dozen people. Pastor Ivan is a kind, hard-working, godly man with 8 children. Most of them are grown now, but two... Keep Reading

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Thank You for Praying for Us - Dimitry R.

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Peace to you, dear servants of Christ! We thank God for His grace and mercy in Christ towards His church! We are glad that the Lord works in us and answers prayer. We see how He changes our hearts into the likeness of Jesus Christ. He also has answered your prayers about a place to have our meetings. ... Keep Reading

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Please Pray For Us - Dimitry R.

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Peace to you! May our Lord pour His abundant grace and mercy on you and enlarge your love for Him and His own glory! Unfortunately, right around Christmas time, our church suddenly lost our rented meeting place for gatherings. As a result, three families within the church have agreed to take turns hosting our services in their apartments. It is hard for the whole church to fit, but ... Keep Reading

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A Call To Pray - Andrey G.

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Previously, I was always aware of my lack of prayer and felt ashamed, yet I genuinely wanted to grow in prayer. I couldn’t enjoy God in prayer as I had hoped to, and my prayers were more like a chore – it was despicable. However, when the Lord started working through the labors of the brothers I mentioned above, I felt a calling to pray.... Keep Reading

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Conference Report - Alexey P.

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Alexey_K_copyThis month was no less busy than the previous month. It was a special time for us because of the visit of brothers from HeartCry, Paul Washer and Holden Barry, and the conference devoted to the Gospel which was held in our city. The conference was for the whole Evangelical Baptist Union of Saint Petersburg although there were attendees from var... Keep Reading

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We Know The Power Of Prayer - Alexander S.

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profile_alexander_cI write to share the news about our church life and how the Lord faithfully helps us. And I also want to ask you to pray for our needs; but first of all I would like to thank you for your prayers already. We desperately need your prayers, and we know the power of the prayer. The power of prayer is obvious for us when we get an answe... Keep Reading

VIDEO: New Opportunities - Vladimir R.

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We praise the Lord for the recent opportunities that He has opened up for Vladimir and the church in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia. Just as the Apostle Paul urged the Colossians to pray that God would "open up a door for the Word" so that the mystery of Christ might be proclaimed (Col. 4:3), we have been praying that God would give more opportunities for sharing the Gospel in this spiritually cold and dark place. Watch as Vladimir shares how God is specifically answering these prayers. ... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Ukraine Crisis | Help from Siberia

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In the following video, Vladimir R. talks about the crisis in Ukraine and what he and the church in Nizhnevartovsk are doing to help. Pray for their efforts in the midst of this difficult situation.... Keep Reading

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VIDEO: Church Update from Vladimir

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Vladimir R. shares how the Lord is blessing the efforts of the church in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia as they continue to spread the Gospel in their city. Please pray for them as they seek to serve and help those whom the Lord has recently brought to their church.  ... Keep Reading

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Christmas In July - In Siberia

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21023870472_6995f6337e_oHeartCry missionary Gennady Mikhailov receives the newest theological books in Russian at the latest conference in Siberia. One of the more fun things that we do here at HeartCry is give doctrinally sound books to indigenous pastors in their own language. Why is this so fun? Mainly because of ... Keep Reading

SPECIAL REPORT: Two Years Of Service In Saint Petersburg

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Alexey_K_copyThe following is a special report from Pastor Alexey in St. Petersburg. Alexey and his family moved to St. Petersburg two years ago this month in order to establish a biblical church. Since that time, the Lord has continued to bless and help this local body of believers by rooting them deeply in the Gospel of Christ and... Keep Reading

Two New Books In Russian

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paul-book2-4The Gospel Call And True Conversion The second volume in the "Recovering The Gospel" series entitled The Gospel Call And True Conversion has been translated into Russian. Multiple copies have just been printed in Belarus, where Gospel and Reformation is diligently working to complete the series as they are now transl... Keep Reading

Ministry Update And Plans To Move South - Bakhid N.

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I praise God that the other men in our church are seeing the need for me to serve the Kazakh nationals. This project will be coordinated by our church as they send me out in the near future, Lord willing. Here are the three areas of spiritual work that I am preparing to do in the South: ... Keep Reading

Striving To Live Worthy Of The Gospel - Dimitry R.

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I am glad to write to you once again about how the Lord continues His work in our small church community. We began a study of the letter to the Philippians on Sunday mornings. God is addressing us through the Apostle Paul, “Conduct yourselves in the manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (Phil. 1:27) He is teaching us that we must grow in love and that difficult circumstances are not... Keep Reading

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Biblical Church Leadership - Eugene M.

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profile_eugene_tI greet you, my friends, with Jesus’ love!Last month, a man in our church named Sergey, has been ordained to the pastoral ministry and become an elder of the church with me. We rented a café building for this special event. We sang songs and then I preached on 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 about the qualities of a true servant of Chris... Keep Reading

Elderly Saints And New Opportunities - Alexander S.

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profile_alexander_cGreetings, dear brothers and sisters!I thank God for your prayers. Your prayer support is very important for the Church and for me personally as we do see the power of your prayers. Our church has many elderly people. Unfortunately, many of them are in poor health, and it makes me sad that they cannot regularly attend our services. ... Keep Reading

Effective Evangelism - Dimitry R.

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portrait-dimitryGreetings and thank you for your prayers on our behalf! We both need and feel them as we continue to worship our God, grow spiritually, and spread the Gospel. We have our prayer meeting every Friday where we continue studying 1 Kings. In our Sunday services I continue preaching about God’s qualities and att... Keep Reading

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"How Precious Is His Loving-Kindness" - Andrey G.

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“How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God!!” I am still here, trying to be a good and faithful servant of Jesus Christ. My dear friend Dinar and I spent about two hours at his friends’ house where we preached the gospel to a thirty-year-old man and his mother. Please pray for the salvation of their souls! I think and pray a lot about the ministry of evangelism on the streets, which is a continual practice of Christianity.... Keep Reading

Growing In Number Little By Little - Gennady Mikhailov

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portrait-gennadyPlease join us in praying for Gennady and the church in Irkutsk. HeartCry has committed to provide the funds necessary for the missionary trips mentioned in Gennady's report below. Pray that the Lord would greatly bless the outreach and church planting efforts of this man. Peace and grace to you from our Lord Jes... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Russian Translation Work

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In this recent video, Slava V. provides further insight into the ministry of publishing theologically rich resources for the Russian-speaking world. ... Keep Reading

Evangelism, A Stolen Car, And New Opportunities - Eugene M.

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Recently, HeartCry has provided the necessary funds for Eugene, and his church in Isil'kul, Siberia, to rent an adequate meeting space that will enable them to conduct evangelistic meetings for the people in their city. In the following report, Eugene thanks HeartCry for such help. He also shares about the recent training on evangelism that he finished with the church and how the Lord miraculously provided opportunities for him to share Christ with the lost.... Keep Reading

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Marriage And Family Conference In Samara, Russia

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Please pray for Paul Washer and his son, Ian, as they are currently in Samara, Russia. Brother Paul is preaching at a Marriage and Family Conference as well as teaching a smaller group of pastors more indepthly about what it means to be a godly husband and father. Pray that the Lord would help Brother Paul to clearly communicate what the Bible teaches concerning these things; and pray for strength as Paul will be preaching and teaching many times in just a few days. Also, pray that the Spirit w... Keep Reading

Difficulties and Blessings - Andrey G.

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andrey-danalovIn the words of the Apostle Paul: “Grace and peace be multiplied to you”! Yesterday, during our Sunday service, as I was rocking my son to sleep in my arms I counted the people in our gathering. I counted thirty-eight people not including children. Some of the attendants were not our members, yet God entru... Keep Reading

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The Need For Prayer - Dimitry R. (Part 2)

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Chubukin.JPGI would like to write to you about our first prayer meeting. It truly was a blessed time. I was hoping more people would come to pray, but what matters most is that those who wanted to, came and dwelt on the Word and cried out to God together. We prayed for the ability to know and worship our God better and to have a constant... Keep Reading

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The Need For Prayer - Dimitry R. (Part 1)

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portrait-dimitryPeace to you dear servants of Christ! I would like to thank you for your continued help for our church and family. It really helps. I thank God for the way that you care for us. We continue all the ministries in our church and are having fruitful conversations and fellowship with one another about the word o... Keep Reading

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VIDEO: Anatoly - Thankful For Opportunity

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HeartCry began supporting Anatoly in September of 2014 by funding his theological studies through Reformed Theological Seminary as well as providing partial monthly support for he and his family.In the following video, Anatoly's excitement is evident as he shares about the opportunity to further his theological education. ... Keep Reading

profile_alexander_cThank you for your prayers for our church and for my service. We really need them. We can see the power of your prayers in the life of our church. We recently had a meeting with the brothers from the churches in Ulyanovsk region. Every three months we all meet in a different church, and now it was our turn.... Keep Reading

New Missionary In Belarus

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AnatolyFamilyThis Fall, HeartCry has added a new missionary in Eurasia – Anatoly C., who lives and ministers in the country of Belarus. Anatoly is a gifted pastor and translator in Belarus. Previously, he taught English at the Linguistic University in Minsk and is now working with Gospel and Reformation to translate much-neede... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Theological Education In Belarus

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In the following video, Slava V. shares about the theological education that HeartCry is providing in Belarus.... Keep Reading

The Church Makes Me Happy - Maxim Manakov

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IMG_0064.JPGBy the grace of God, He has sustained us one more month. God cares about us and has generously blessed us. For the most part, the blessing has been in the joy of service. Cheremkhovo The church in Cheremkhovo makes me happy. The people are showing genuine joy, enthusiasm, and attentiveness to the Word, along with a sincere ... Keep Reading

VIDEO: An Introduction To Gospel And Reformation

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For the past few years, HeartCry has funded various translation projects in an effort to get more solid theological resources into the Russian language. The translators who make this possible are a group of Russian believers called Gospel And Reformation – a publishing house directed by Slava V. In the video below, Slava shares about the partnership between Gospel And Reformation and HeartCry as well as some of what has been accomplished thus far.  ... Keep Reading

Report: A Trip To The North - Part 2

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Also while in Yakutsk, we met with another pastor (of a different church). We arranged a meeting with him beforehand, but despite the fact that he welcomed us gladly, we unfortunately did not have a constructive conversation with him. Although he considers himself to be a church minister, he is a businessman and is very concerned about his business. While we were at his house, he was distracted by phone calls, and several times he ran out of the house to meet some people. In the end, having apol... Keep Reading

Report: A Trip To The North - Part 1

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This summer, HeartCry sent Gennady Mikhailov and Sergey Mochalov to visit churches in the Yakutia Republic – a region in the Far Eastern District of Siberia almost the size of India with a population of one million people. The following is part one of Gennady’s report of the trip.... Keep Reading

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New Missionary In Russia

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02_edit_smallWe have recently added another missionary in Russia, Arseniy R.! Arseniy and his young family live in St. Petersburg – the famous Russian city where he grew up. He graduated from the Samara Center for Biblical Training (SCBT) in 2010 and soon after returned to St. Petersburg where he began leading a Bible study an... Keep Reading

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Prayers Answered - Eugene M.

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profile_eugene_tGreetings! I continue to experience blessings from both studying and preaching through 1 Corinthians. Last Sunday, I preached on verses 8-16. On Mondays I teach classes to children. It's hard to tell who enjoys these classes more, the kids or me. The students prepare quite diligently, make their observations and a... Keep Reading

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Help In Difficulty - Dimitry R.

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portrait-dimitryOur church continues to meet together in the name of Christ Jesus. I am still preaching through the gospel of Mark and the book of Psalms. Brother Pavel is helping me in my studies. He is preaching through Colossians and is leading a small group in his home. We also get together with the brethren for Bible study a... Keep Reading

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Growth In Godliness - Andrey G. Update

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portrait-andreyFirst of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your prayers, my dear friends. It seems that during our invisible but tangible friendship, not only has the material climate changed in our family, but also the spiritual climate has changed considerably. Of course, we as a family are far from perfection... Keep Reading

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Conference Teaching Videos (In Russian) Available Now

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All of the teaching from the latest Theological Training Conference in Belarus is now available to watch (and download) in the Sermon Library. Two different series were taught at the conference, each consisting of seven sessions. Click on the links below to view each series:... Keep Reading

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Video Interview: Dr Paul Helm in Belarus

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It was a privilege for us to have Dr. Paul Helm teach at the recent theological training conference in Belarus. We're grateful for the amount of truth that was communicated by Dr. Helm as well as the time he spent discussing various topics with the men and answering their many questions. At the end of the conference, we were able to ask Dr. Helm a few questions of our own.... Keep Reading

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Another Heart Awakened - Alexey P.

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For the past few months our church continues to receive blessings from the Lord. We enjoyed celebrating Easter with the new church. Unbelieving relatives, neighbors and friends from work and school were invited to the solemn service. The joy of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior was shared with everyone who came. By the grace of God another heart was awakened! After the service a young woman came to me and asked me to pray with her for her repentance. In the evening I met with her at home, ... Keep Reading

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We have just finished HeartCry's second theological training conference in Belarus. The conference was three days full of teaching. In total, there were thirteen sessions (with Q&A after each session), along with times of facilitated discussion. All of the teaching, which was translated into Russian, was audio and video recorded. The videos will be available to watch and download for free from our multi-language sermon library. We pray that these resources will be a great help to many Russia... Keep Reading

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A Trip To The North - Pray for Gennady and Sergey

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DSCN1803.JPGPlease pray for Gennady Mikhailov and Sergey Mochalov as they are currently traveling in Northeast Siberia. Both of these men are pastors in the city of Irkutsk, and are being used by God to plant and strengthen churches all throughout the Irkutsk region. Now their burden and influence are spreading even farther into an area ... Keep Reading

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Trials And Blessings - Maxim Manakov

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This month was filled with trials and tribulations but also blessings. God is gracious and merciful, and He helps us to pass through everything. He knows what we need, and we practice learning to trust Him in all things.Earlier this month I went to the hospital with my son, Pavlik. He overcame more than one illness. First, he had symptoms of a cold, and then a strong allergic rash. It manifested in hives - spots first covered his feet, then hands and then his face. After trying certain medicatio... Keep Reading

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The following is a report from our partners in Samara highlighting the recent advances of the Word of God through Bakhid N.’s influence and ministry in Kazakhstan. Bakhid is a graduate of Samara Center for Biblical Training, and he has been supported by HeartCry since 2012. We rejoice to see how the Lord is answering our specific prayers. Namely, that He would open up more doors for the Word and the Gospel to spread throughout Kazakhstan! ... Keep Reading

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Evangelism And The Providence Of God - Eugene M.

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Difficulty in EvangelismGreetings to you, dear friends and co-workers in the fields of God! Here in west Siberia the snow has just melted and most streets in our city look like streams of mud. We have to wear rain boots to be able to get to our church. At this time of the year we usually get to have more opportunities to see people and to share the gospel. This is because it is warmer now, and it is much harder to evangelize in the winter months when it is negative 25-30 degrees outside. Unfort... Keep Reading

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Progress In Russian Translation Efforts

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HeartCry continues to partner with Gospel and Reformation (in Belarus) in order to translate solid theological resources for the Russian-speaking world. Here is a recent progress report from Slava V. regarding Gospel and Reformation's efforts that HeartCry is funding: 1. The Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Furgeson - translation complete, editing: 120 out of 290 pages are complete.2. The Church, by Edmond Clowney - translation: 190 out of 340 pages are complete.3. The Providence of God, by Paul Helm -... Keep Reading

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Andrey G. - The Lord At Work In The Church And Family

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Thank you brothers and sisters for your love and prayers for our family and our church! The words of Christ to his disciples come to mind, “Lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest”. We are almost through with the anthropology lesson at the bible school. I am very glad that the Lord gives our brothers and sisters the desire to study theology. I pray that the truths of the Scriptures would find their practical applications in the lives of these people and their... Keep Reading

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Alexander S. - Update

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profile_alexander_cOn Sundays, I continue to preach on 1st Peter, the last sermon was on chapter 3 verses 8-13 regarding the relationship between the believers in our church. This topic is important, because I think the relationship in the church between believers can always be improving. Also, when we pray on Fridays for the church and personal needs... Keep Reading

Upcoming Trip to Russia

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Next week, Brother Paul and myself are scheduled to travel to Samara, Russia. The Samara Center for Biblical Training (whom we partner with to support five pastors in Eurasia) has invited Brother Paul to preach at their annual youth conference. They are expecting hundreds of young people from different parts of Russia to attend the event. After the conference, Paul will be training many of the men who are studying at SCBT along with others who are currently pastoring in the area. HeartCry is al... Keep Reading

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A New Ministry Tool in Siberia

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HeartCry has just provided a much-needed 4X4 vehicle for the missionaries in the Irkutsk region. These men travel thousands of miles every month taking the gospel to cities and villages that are otherwise cut-off from the gospel and have no church among them. They also make regular visits to the smaller churches that they have planted in the surrounding area. They do this in order to encourage the pastors of these churches, provide the people with good books and resources, and help them to evang... Keep Reading

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Recent Projects

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Recently, the Lord has enabled HeartCry to provide for various projects within Eurasia: TranslationIn Belarus, we are in the middle of funding a project to print 1,000 Russian copies of Systematic Theology, by Louis Berkhof. Also, we have just sent over the remaining funds for the translation of The Church, by Edmond Clowney, which is the 2nd book in the Contours of Christian Theology series that has been translated into Russian. Next in line for translation in the series is The Providence of G... Keep Reading

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Eugene M. - Update

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Greetings friends! Recently, I finished preaching through the gospel of John. Now I’m going to preach through the letters to the Corinthians. Sergey (another elder of the church) is finishing up preaching on Romans. Since we had started Bible school over again, and plus I have to teach counseling, we agreed to take turns and preach every other Sunday.... Keep Reading

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Indigenous Training in Belarus - Slava

Posted November 1, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Here is a brief update on our work here: 1. Berkhof Recently, we submitted Berkhof's Systematic Theology (in Russian) for printing. The printer has enough time before Christmas to do his work so there is a chance that the book will come off the press by the end of 2013. But more realistically it will be printed sometime in January 2014.  2. Training The Summer School of Theology (training conference for pastors) that we had last June went so well that we decided to continue teaching our... Keep Reading

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Andrey G. - Living Out the Gospel

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Greetings! In a short form I would like to share with you how the Lord Jesus has been leading Liana (my wife) and me in this past month. I have been preaching from the gospel of John throughout the first half of September. On September 15th we began teaching the second level of the Bible school for the church members and whoever else wishes to attend, all as planned. We began with Bibliology. Our main goal is to teach good practical theology to the church to help them form biblical convictions ... Keep Reading

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Bakhid N. - Open Doors in Southern Kazakhstan

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On August 11th we had baptisms in our church. Two ladies were baptized. This event was a true celebration for our church. The church fulfilled the commandment of Christ by participating in communion, followed by a time of fellowship for the believers during lunch. We also had visitors from the church of Isil'kul (where Eugene M. pastors). There were also unbelievers who came to our event. At this time I am back to my regular responsibilities at church. I began preaching from chapter 31 of 2 Chr... Keep Reading

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A Somber Opportunity – Dimitry R. Update

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portrait-dimitryBy God's grace we are alive and continue our ministry. I am phrasing it this way because two weeks ago a young girl named Nastya died. She was a drug addict. I wrote about her in my previous reports (for example October, 2012). Nastya failed to become a part of the church despite all our efforts and prayers. I kno... Keep Reading

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UZBEKISTAN: Bibles Confiscated & Destroyed

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The following was reported about a week ago by Forum 18 News Service regarding Uzbekistan's enforcement of the "Religion Law".  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RELIGIOUS BOOKS "ONLY ALLOWED TO BE READ WITHIN REGISTERED RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES' BUILDINGS" In two separate cases on the same day in August in Samarkand and Kashkadarya, fines on 20 religious believers for "illegal religi... Keep Reading

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Alexander S. - August Update

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profile_alexander_cWishing peace and grace to you the servants of the Lord. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him; for the grace to preach the Word of God. Most of my time has been devoted to the study of the Bible and preparing sermons. Each week I preach twice on the Sunday services, as well as on prayer meetings on Fridays. This month, I s... Keep Reading

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Eugene M. – Update

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profile_eugene_tGreetings dear brothers and sisters! Another month of service is complete. During this time the Lord orchestrated some interesting meetings for me. One of them happened with a man that visited our Sunday services a few times. His car slid off the road at 60 mph and rolled more than once. He broke three cervical ve... Keep Reading

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