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April Update From Belarus - Anatoly C.

Posted May 11, 2016  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

GatovaChurchFor the last half of April I was sick. However, before my sickness I was able to make another trip to a faraway place in Belarus to visit a new church. The town is called S____. It is in the North. The church is small, slightly over a dozen people. Pastor Ivan is a kind, hard-working, godly man with 8 children. Most of them are grown now, but two... Keep Reading

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VIDEO: Anatoly - Thankful For Opportunity

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HeartCry began supporting Anatoly in September of 2014 by funding his theological studies through Reformed Theological Seminary as well as providing partial monthly support for he and his family.In the following video, Anatoly's excitement is evident as he shares about the opportunity to further his theological education. ... Keep Reading

New Missionary In Belarus

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AnatolyFamilyThis Fall, HeartCry has added a new missionary in Eurasia – Anatoly C., who lives and ministers in the country of Belarus. Anatoly is a gifted pastor and translator in Belarus. Previously, he taught English at the Linguistic University in Minsk and is now working with Gospel and Reformation to translate much-neede... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Theological Education In Belarus

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In the following video, Slava V. shares about the theological education that HeartCry is providing in Belarus.... Keep Reading

VIDEO: An Introduction To Gospel And Reformation

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For the past few years, HeartCry has funded various translation projects in an effort to get more solid theological resources into the Russian language. The translators who make this possible are a group of Russian believers called Gospel And Reformation – a publishing house directed by Slava V. In the video below, Slava shares about the partnership between Gospel And Reformation and HeartCry as well as some of what has been accomplished thus far.  ... Keep Reading

We have just finished HeartCry's second theological training conference in Belarus. The conference was three days full of teaching. In total, there were thirteen sessions (with Q&A after each session), along with times of facilitated discussion. All of the teaching, which was translated into Russian, was audio and video recorded. The videos will be available to watch and download for free from our multi-language sermon library. We pray that these resources will be a great help to many Russia... Keep Reading

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Progress In Russian Translation Efforts

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HeartCry continues to partner with Gospel and Reformation (in Belarus) in order to translate solid theological resources for the Russian-speaking world. Here is a recent progress report from Slava V. regarding Gospel and Reformation's efforts that HeartCry is funding: 1. The Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Furgeson - translation complete, editing: 120 out of 290 pages are complete.2. The Church, by Edmond Clowney - translation: 190 out of 340 pages are complete.3. The Providence of God, by Paul Helm -... Keep Reading

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Indigenous Training in Belarus - Slava

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Here is a brief update on our work here: 1. Berkhof Recently, we submitted Berkhof's Systematic Theology (in Russian) for printing. The printer has enough time before Christmas to do his work so there is a chance that the book will come off the press by the end of 2013. But more realistically it will be printed sometime in January 2014.  2. Training The Summer School of Theology (training conference for pastors) that we had last June went so well that we decided to continue teaching our... Keep Reading

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Belarus Trip - Summer 2013

Posted August 21, 2013  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

View pictures from the recent trip to Belarus and read about our time there.... Keep Reading

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