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Papua (January 2013)

Posted September 10, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

The following is a photo journal of a trip to Papua in January 2013. Three villages in the Mamberamo River Basin were visited, where HeartCry missionary Yulianus A. has been laboring. Delete Papua (January 2013)  ... Keep Reading

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Luis R. - August 2013 Update from Japan

Posted August 29, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

We are rejoicing and praising God for bringing many Japanese, Peruvian, and Americans to our evangelistic event called "Jesus Festival." Now is the time of year where there are many festivals and gatherings in all Japan to worship idols, eat, drink, and celebrate paganism. This year, our church Vida Nueva decided to make an open air event where we preached the gospel in three languages and praised the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this idolatrous land. We were working to translate our Spanis... Keep Reading

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What Accord has Christ with Islam?

Posted August 5, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Darkness is falling on my kampung (neighborhood) as I carry my six month old baby down the narrow path to my house. We're coming home after studying the Bible with a family who lives nearby. From four different mosques I can hear the Magrib prayers echoing throughout the valley. Just before the last turn to our house, I'm stopped by an elderly woman, "Jangan! Jangan! Harus tutup kalau bawa bayi keluar sekarang!" (Don't! Don't! You must cover your baby if you carry him outside right now!). S... Keep Reading

Yulianus and the Fuau

Posted July 18, 2013  by: Matt G. |0 Comments

Article written by Trevor Johnson that was originally published in the HeartCry magazine in 2010. ... Keep Reading

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I have recently returned from a trip to Asia, spending about two weeks in Nepal and one week in North India. The Lord blessed our time very much, particularly the teaching times, and I'd like to highlight briefly the focus of the conferences. First we were in northern Nepal where we visited a group of pastors in a mountainous area. We were privileged to give them copies of Paul Washer's The One True God, translated into Nepali. This is the second time we were able to provide sound literature to... Keep Reading

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Samuel B. - March 2013

Posted April 29, 2013 |0 Comments

For you will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will you allow Your Holy One to see corruption. – Psalm 16:10 Dear brothers at HeartCry, It is with immense joy do we write to you for all the innumerable blessings the Lord has showered upon us since we wrote to you last time. Once again we express our deepest thanks to you for extending HeartCry’s partnership with us. We praise God for in His providence that He made our paths cross for His glory. We look forward to working along with t... Keep Reading

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India Trip - February 2013

Posted February 18, 2013 |0 Comments

I want to praise God for a very fruitful and encouraging trip to India these past two weeks. I just returned from a one-week visit to North India, followed by a one-week stay in South India, where HeartCry held a training conference for pastors in each location. Our missionary partners in North India are faithfully laboring for the sake of the Gospel in a heavily unreached area. In fact, only 0.1% of the population of this particular state of India professes Christianity (Operation World, 7th E... Keep Reading

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Sib M. - October 2012

Posted November 7, 2012 |0 Comments

God is good always. He has given answer to our prayer. For four years we have been praying to build a church house where we can worship the Lord together. This month we have done seventy percent of the work with still thirty percent remaining. We are praying for our incomplete church house to be complete. We need forty pieces of tin, fifty pieces of bamboo, four windows, and one door. All of our church members participate to do this church house work. From 2008 we have been praying with fastin... Keep Reading


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Raphu - October 2012

Posted November 6, 2012 |0 Comments

In the year 2010, we have started a small house fellowship in Bhutan. Now eight families are attending our Sunday worship service regularly. We are having fellowship, family prayer, and Bible studies on every Wednesday. Every first Friday of the month we also have fellowship, fasting, and prayer. We are conducting children's Sunday school too. We give our full concentration to our fellowship members, to help the new believers in the knowledge of the Bible and provide spiritual growth in Christ.... Keep Reading

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Ranjit K. - October 2012

Posted November 1, 2012 |0 Comments

Celebrating Reformation Day It was good to have about 30 evangelists and pastors get together on the Reformation Day (October 31). We had planned to share the life of Martin Luther and explain briefly about the Five Solas. A pastor friend (Moses E.) spoke about the life of Dr. Martin Luther, who posted 95 theses on the church wall of Wittenberg, Germany. The pastor also explained “Sola Scriptura” and basically shared “We as leaders must get back to the Bible.” I spoke o... Keep Reading

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