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South India: Pastors' Training Conference Blessed By God

Posted January 1, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

DSCN0332.JPG The recent training conference for pastors in South India was greatly blessed by the Lord. All of HeartCry's training conferences are designed to help local indigenous pastors – specifically to further their understanding of Scripture, and for that understanding to have a massive impact on their lives as well as their... Keep Reading

Dear prayer partners, Please be praying for us and all the Christian community in our nation. Pray that God may give wisdom to discern between Light and darkness, lies and Truth. Pray that God may God keep His own safe and secure. Darkness is growing and there have been attacks on church buildings in some parts. Simple worship programs have been considered by a particular group as 'conversions', which is a lie (spread all over in the media). There also been lots of articles and views expresse... Keep Reading

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Larry Pan teaching 2Fellow Laborers: Hello! Thanks to God’s grace, He has brought me peacefully through another month. Under God’s guidance, my family and I were well this month. My wife and I continue to persevere in the training of our child, we continually share the gospel with him, teach him the catechism, an... Keep Reading

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profile_krishna_mGod is so good in my life, in my family and in my ministry. He is always helping me, guiding me and encouraged me to do his ministry through his Holy word. His word is very active and sharper than any double sword. In this month some of the Bible verse which really touched my heart are: Isaiah 41:10 "So do not fear, for I am... Keep Reading

china blog picBrothers and sisters, Greetings… Praise God for the opportunity to present a report of my work to you again. This month we pretty much settled in our meeting place and used it regularly. In thinking over this month there is a lot to thank God for. My personal spiritual condition this month was about the same as last months, fai... Keep Reading

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Brothers and Sisters, I write to you from South India, where tomorrow will begin a training conference for pastors. Please pray for the many pastors from all over Andhra Pradesh who will be in attendance.  Also, pray for Jordan and Jim, who will be teaching all week. Both of these men are pastors from a church in Tennessee that has become increasingly involved in Gospel work all over India. Jordan has been on past trips to India and has taught at previous HeartCry conferences in the North... Keep Reading

Cyclone Relief - Samuel B. (with photo gallery)

Posted November 26, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

DSCN7215.JPGThe terrifying cyclone ‘Hadhud’ has rocked the coastline of Andhra Pradesh and Odhisha (in South India) on the 12th October 2014. The mighty winds moving at a speed of 200 kmph rattled many houses, damaged the communication systems and thwarted the power supply in the whole region. To put it in the words of my unc... Keep Reading

Elis' Gospel Witness

Posted November 17, 2014  by: Matt G. |5 Comments

DSCN2322.JPGA few nights ago I was able to catch up with two HeartCry co-workers after not seeing them for about three months. As always, hearing their testimonies of how God was at work was very encouraging and challenging. One sister, Elis, has spent most of the last three months caring for her sick brother who just passed away. In order to be at h... Keep Reading

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A report from China missionary Gaius: Hello! By the grace of Christ your brother in China sends September’s report to you. Praise God, this month has gone by quickly. My family and I greatly enjoyed God’s grace this month through the care the brothers and sisters have shown us. My son was sick early on this month and several brothers and sisters in the church continually asked about him with concern. This made me see God’s grace towards my family and also the love of the breth... Keep Reading

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VIDEO: Pray For The Korowai Tribe

Posted October 15, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Paul Snider and his family are currently back in the states on furlough. They have been busy visiting churches and family over the past few months and are now preparing to go back to Papua, Indonesia on October 20th. Recently, Paul and his wife Trish were able to spend some time with us here at the HeartCry office. Paul shared about the work and how people can better pray for the many needs that are there. Please watch the video below and pray: ... Keep Reading

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