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Malachi 1:11

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Missions Update (Burma)

Posted February 4, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

January Mission Report By His grace and blessing, I could experience many good outcomes this month. This result is attributed to your prayers as well, that is, I could visit more houses (house to house visiting) to share His words. The month, December had given me a thrilling experience as I had more time churchinwaterto preach about the Gospe... Keep Reading

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Meet A New Missionary (Cambodia)

Posted February 3, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Church Planter - Phnom Penh, Cambodia Chimm was openly hostile to Jesus Christ before he was converted. However, the Lord revealed His glory to Chimm suddenly, and Chimm experienced great sorrow for his sin and cried out to Christ for salvation. Chimm’s life was immediately changed and transformed. Chimm is Chimm-npresently serving in a newly planted chur... Keep Reading

Sunder R. (S. India): The Privilege of Training Men

Posted February 2, 2016  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

SunderTeaching1Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I just wanted to give a quick update on the pastors training that we have been doing. Last month, the Lord brought together a group of pastors that I was able to visit with and teach. We had a great time opening up God’s Word together. I’m very thankful for their fellowship. Th... Keep Reading

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Dil2Brothers and Sisters in Christ, On March 4th, 2015, and update was given on the Asia blog entitled, “A Baptism Observed And A Baptism Hindered.” It spoke of a young man who had been attending the church for the past two years, showed great evidence of faith, and was scheduled to be baptized. His family, displeased with his actions, prev... Keep Reading

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Thank you for upholding us constantly in your prayers. December was a very busy month. In addition to leading the church services, God has opened many doors, allowing me to preach and testify of our Lord Jesus Christ, specifically His birth.... Keep Reading

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December Report from Shalom Tanorn, Takeo Province, Cambodia from Pastor Tek Andrew December was a very busy month. In addition to leading the worship service on Sundays, I also taught young people the Bible and taught English to children in the Children’s Club. We also andrew_tpracticed new songs with the youth to sing in our public gatherings. Too, I w... Keep Reading

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The following testimony is from Chhinhua from Cambodia.  chhinhuaTestimony: While ministering this month I was touched by an older lady while visiting her home with her three grandchildren. Although she is illiterate, she encourages her grandchildren to study hard and not to be illiterate like her. She sends them to school regularly and encoura... Keep Reading

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I have many things to praise God for because of what He has done for my family and ministry. However, last month we received very sad news. One of our outreach leaders, and a student in our Shalom School of Ministries, passed away suddenly while sleeping. The news shocked us when we heard the report. But in the midst of the discouragement we shared this information C... <a href=Keep Reading

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China: Report from December (2015)

Posted January 20, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Gaius reports on the work in China, including the church's recent effort to evangelize the lost. Even though the gospel was rejected by many, the members of the church are inclined to evangelize with greater diligence in the future. ... Keep Reading

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Jude P. (N. India): The New Year Begins With Worship

Posted January 14, 2016  by: Jeff S. |0 Comments

We want to thank you each of you for helping us, and supporting us in your prayers. We had a nice program during this Christmas season. By God’s grace, we were able to share the purpose behind Lord’s coming to the earth. Praise God for the friends and families who listened to the Word patiently. Please be pray for our labors here, and that the Lord would give us more of His grace.... Keep Reading

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