That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

Video: Remembering The Persecuted in Asia

Posted October 9, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

The staff at HeartCry discusses the persecution of the church in Asia (China, Myanmar, and Nepal) and gives an update from the Wa Region. We are asking you to pray without ceasing for the saints who are suffering for the gospel.   ... Keep Reading

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Myanmar: HeartCry Discusses the Persecuted Church

Posted October 5, 2018  by: Paul Washer |0 Comments

In the video below, HeartCry Missionary Society discusses the recent persecution against the faithful Christian community in the Wa Region in Myanmar. Numerous pastors have been arrested and jailed and the government has demolished church buildings. As a result, many churches have no leader to care for their souls, and homes are void of husbands and fathers. Pray that the government will release these men so they can care for their families and churches. Pray that they will endure suffering as g... Keep Reading

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Video: Jungle of Papua, Indonesia

Posted June 12, 2018  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Paul Washer discusses the works of God from a recent trip into the dense jungle of Papua by one of the HeartCry Coordinators. ... Keep Reading

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The Holiness of God by Dr. Sproul in China

Posted June 14, 2016  by: J. T. |0 Comments

Holinessof God_ChineseHeartCry Missionary Society was granted permission by Ligonier Ministries ( to help fund the addition of Mandarin subtitles to the DVD Series, The Holiness of God by R.C Sproul. Also, the study guide has been translated into Mandarin to use as an additional tool in learning more about God's nature. The ... Keep Reading

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WATCH: Conference Video (Telugu Translation)

Posted March 11, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

All of the teaching (with Telugu translation) from the recent training conference in South India is now available at HeartCry's multi-language Sermon Library. Click here to view. Please share the teaching videos with any Telugu-speakers you may know.  Telugu is the thirteenth most-spoken language in the world with approximately 75 million native speakers, however, there remains very few good resources in this language. Pray that the Lord would use these resources for His glory. To re... Keep Reading

VIDEO: Pray For The Korowai Tribe

Posted October 15, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Paul Snider and his family are currently back in the states on furlough. They have been busy visiting churches and family over the past few months and are now preparing to go back to Papua, Indonesia on October 20th. Recently, Paul and his wife Trish were able to spend some time with us here at the HeartCry office. Paul shared about the work and how people can better pray for the many needs that are there. Please watch the video below and pray: ... Keep Reading

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Hindu Nationalist Party Elected  Pray for the Persecuted Church in India  Prayercast | India  More Prayer Resources Operation World HeartCry Prayer Guide Books: Prayer and Fasting... Keep Reading

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Video: The Story of Ramesh - South India

Posted August 27, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

Watch HeartCry missionary Samuel B. tell the story of Ramesh and how the Lord saved him. ... Keep Reading

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