That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

South Africa: Pastor Sandi Suffers a Stroke

Posted July 24, 2019  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Cape Town (small)When people think of Cape Town, South Africa, scenes like this often come to mind.  Yet beneath the stunning scenery lies deep spiritual darkness.  A recent BBC article announced the deployment of troops in Cape Town to assist the police with gang violence.  Violence between gangs in some of... Keep Reading

South Africa: Meet Our Three New Missionaries

Posted December 19, 2018  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Township kidsImagine living in one of the many townships in South Africa. One day you are an average lost person, happy in your sin, no thought of God or judgement or eternity. The next day you are troubled by your sin. Your conscience condemns you and you feel dirty. Questions that you never asked before now plague you. Doe... Keep Reading

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