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Malachi 1:11

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Ministry Update And Plans To Move South - Bakhid N.

Posted Jul 28, 2015

News in our family:My wife is planning out our garden and is encouraging me to help her get the soil ready for planting vegetables. Kids continue going to school with only one more month of school left. Warm weather outside is interfering with their ability to focus on studying, but the school year end is near. I thank you for your prayers. I asked you to pray for Damir (my son) and I can see God acting and slowly changing his heart. Please continue to pray for him!News in our church:I continue preaching from 2 Kings. I finished preaching on the life of Jehoahaz, first son of Josiah. Then I moved on to looking at the life of the next king Jehoiakim. (2 Kings 23:36 - 24:6) This was a good time as God was teaching me and the church this important truth: that judgment... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Andrew Zekveld

prof_andrew_zPastor – Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

In June 2015, Andrew became the primary preaching pastor at Living Hope Baptist Church ( in Pietermaritzburg, taking over for former HeartCry missionary Dave Webster. Andrew received his M.Div. from the Master's Seminary in the United States in 2011. He and his wife Vicky have two sons: Micah and Asher.

Testimony of Conversion

The year was 1996. I was 12 years old and had always thought that I was saved. Though I certainly would not have ever said that I... Keep Reading

Mission Fact of the Day

The Hindi people cluster has the greatest number of unreached groups (522, unreached population 499,000,000), then the Bengali (382, unreached population 350,000,000).

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