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Malachi 1:11

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Burdened for African Women

Posted Oct 9, 2015

blessings.n_profileIn his last update, Blessings Ndhlovu shared the challenge of teaching sexual purity to teens in his church and community. Blessings is planting a church in Twatasha Township, a poorer section of Kitwe, Zambia. “I must admit that Faith Baptist Church Twatasha is a small church with a lot of struggles in many areas. Since the time I started pastoring here, I have had many challenges that I didn’t know how to deal with, but in God’s grace, He gives me wisdom in dealing with each struggle. For now, let me share one of many – the struggle of fornication and adultery. Just last Sun... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Giuseppe Fortuna

Giuseppe_Profile01Pastor - Catania, Italy

After observing the Gospel's power for salvation in the life of his mother, Giuseppe was later converted and brought to an experiential knowledge of the mercy and forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ. Some time after his conversion he became very involved in evangelism and teaching, and eventually became an elder in the congregation. He is now leading a group of believers in Catania, Italy. 

Testimony of Conversion

The Lord called me to salvation when I was 18. Until then I did not care about God. My entire family was ... Keep Reading

Mission Fact of the Day

Of India's 2,160 people groups, 1,286 have populations over 10,000, the largest being a Muslim group, the Shaikh at 80,000,000.

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