That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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An Opportunity to Attend Seminary is Appreciated

Posted Nov 25, 2015

Dear, BrothersGreetings..............! I am very thankful for your prayer. I am well here by God's grace. My study is also going well. I thank to my God that he has given me as great privilege to know Him through his revealed word. I am very encouraged to learn His word. This is my last week of 3 module. In 3rd module we have complete bible OT/NT survey and Greek introduction, this week we have final exam. It was very joyful time while walking through whole bible and we learnt God's divine program and progressive revelation. This study and understanding of the knowledge of the Truth is helping me to build close relation with God. Not only my salvation but also His loving-kindness and faithfulness, I am experiencing in my day to day living. God the Holy Spirit is ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Heber Torres

Heber Torres fotoPastor / Teacher - Marin, Spain

Though Heber grew up as the son of an evangelical preacher, it was not until college that he abandoned all hope in his own perfermance to find salvation in Christ alone. Shortly after his conversion, his desire to teach God's Word grew and he was soon sent to The Master's Seminary in California to study for several years. He and his family have now returned to his home town in northern Spain where he is training leaders both locally as well as in the Berea Seminary in Leon. Through Grace Ministries International, HeartCry is helping Ruben and hi... Keep Reading

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South Asia has the most people groups (2,880), followed by West and Central Africa (2,230), and the Middle East / North Africa has the least (590).

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