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Malachi 1:11

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Hector Malpartida: Testimony of Conversion (Video)

Posted Oct 20, 2014

Hector (Victor) Malpartida is a church planter and evangelist serving in the district of Ventanilla, Lima. In this video, he shares the testimony of the Lord's work in his life, saving him out of a life of rebellion, crime, and drug addiction, and making him a disciple of the only Savior. Praise the Lord for making Hector a vessel of mercy to the praise of His glorious grace.   ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Sopheak H.

profile_sopheak_hChurch Planter - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sopheak is a graduate of Phnom Penh Bible School and for two years has been the pastor of Shalom Church, Phnom Penh. He is also currently leading an outreach in order to plant a church in another district of the capital city.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Sopheak and I was born in Battambang province. Before accepting Christ, I was a youth who liked going out, fighting, and opposing Christ’s followers. I often threw rocks at a church roof in my village and broke the roof that was made of thatch. ... Keep Reading

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The four largest Least-Reached people groups are the Shaikh of Bangladesh, Japanese of Japan, the Shaikh of India, and the Brahman of India.

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