That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Kyle McCartan: "...The love of Christ is strong among these people."

Posted Oct 1, 2014

portrait-kyle-mOur wee fellowship is going grand, slowly and surely moving forward. Our people are steadily growing in knowledge and in faith. I love our wee Church. We have been given such a tremendous compassion and concern for one another, and it has that wonderful feel of "family" to it. We are truly blessed. Everyone is involved; everyone shares in carrying the responsibilities of the fellowship. I do not mean simply things concerning Sunday service or the mid-week gathering, but rather everyone's lives now overlap and intertwine. It’s lovely to see. The love of Christ is strong among these people. And it shows in... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Sopheak H.

profile_sopheak_hChurch Planter - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sopheak is a graduate of Phnom Penh Bible School and for two years has been the pastor of Shalom Church, Phnom Penh. He is also currently leading an outreach in order to plant a church in another district of the capital city.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Sopheak and I was born in Battambang province. Before accepting Christ, I was a youth who liked going out, fighting, and opposing Christ’s followers. I often threw rocks at a church roof in my village and broke the roof that was made of thatch. ... Keep Reading

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English is spoken as the primary language by 492 people groups, with Hindi spoken by 552 and Bengali spoken by 378.

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