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Malachi 1:11

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Urbano Gomez: Taking the Gospel to all 110 Towns in Pacaipampa

Posted Jul 31, 2014

Urbano Gomoez.Profile.Scenery01There are 110 towns in Pacaipampa, and of those 110 towns, about 40 have a church. We have the goal of advancing into all 110 towns, and in order to accomplish this, we are carrying out evangelistic campaigns. We are also having prayer meetings with the other churches in the region, and we often fast together. Before we carry out an evangelistic campaign in each town we meet to pray diligently together. Usually the campaigns last three days, involving between twenty and twenty-five pastors. We often rent a place to sleep and pray together, or stay in a house together in one of t... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Nathanael Armisen

profile_nathanael_aChurch Planter / Evangelist - Wetzlar, Germany

Nathanael is a church planter who serves in the area of Wetzlar/Frankfurt, Germany. His outreach includes teaching, preaching and open-air evangelism.

He is engaged to Dominique Zeschky. He is currently a member of the recently planted Evangelical-Reformed Baptist Church in Wetzlar (Hessen) and will be soon sent out by the elders together with Peter Schild to plant biblical churches throughout Germany, starting in Frankfurt a.M. Nathanael studied Theology in the Baptist Seminary near Berlin and graduated with a MA... Keep Reading

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South Asia has the most least-reached people groups (2,776), followed by Central Asia (832). The South Pacific has the fewest at 45.

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