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Malachi 1:11

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Matthews Fikati: Thus Far the Lord Has Led Us!

Posted May 22, 2015

Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. With a heart full of gratitude to the Lord, I would like to update you on the workings of God in the life of the church here in Chambishi. Church History It is humbling and encouraging to realize that Chambishi Central Baptist Church is now more than one year old. Our outreach efforts began around this time last year. I must confess that it was not an easy process, because most of the church members from the sending church had doubts and fears about starting the work here in Chambishi. Thankfully, the Lord gave courage and faith to Pastor Ndonji Kayombo and a few other brethren to encourage and motivate the rest. In March of 2014, Pastor Ndonji Kayombo and I came to Chambishi to spy out the area. I ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Jonathan Siancas

Jonathan Siancas.Profile01God mercifully saved Jonathan and called Him into the ministry at a young age. After studying in a seminary in Sullana, Peru, and again in Medellín, Colombia, Jonathan now serves as an evangelist and teacher out of the church Jesús es la Puerta (Jesus is the Door) near Sullana. In addition to teaching in the local church, Jonathan devotes the majority of his time to evangelism, street preaching, and discipleship in the towns surrounding the city.

Testimony of Conversion

By His grace, God saved me from my sin and gave me life when... Keep Reading

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3,185 people groups in South Asia are least-reached, totaling 1,575,000,000 individuals.

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